Friday, March 18, 2016

Kickin' It Grandma Style

The Granny Alphabet by Lawrence Mynott

The Granny Alphabet by Tim Walker and Kit Hesketh-Harvey


HEY! You are all so wonderful! I just LOVED reading your comments about your first fashion memories. If you haven't had a chance to read them yet you really should go to my last blog post and check them out. Interestingly most of them had to do with either denim or hand-me-downs.
The beautiful Rosemary of Miss Cellany talked on her blog about her adorable Smocked Dress and how this style has followed her throughout  her life.
And of course there is Curtise's famous Chicken Dress!!

So....let us now flip to the other end of the calendar of life.

I am not a Grandma. But at 62 I am certainly old enough to be one. I get the senior citizen discount at the pharmacy and the movie theatre. I buy purple shampoo. And cute young guys approach me not to flirt but to help me carry heavy packages. 
But I don't mind...much.
Maybe because I was fortunate enough to know my grandmothers and they were both pretty great, I have always adored good old fashioned Granny Style. I've kind of been dressing like a grandma ever since I was a teenager.
*my friends and family are all rolling their eyes and nodding their heads YES right now*
 I love orthopedic shoes with socks. I love flowered rayon dresses. I love pilled cardigan sweaters with wadded up Kleenex in the pockets. I love purses stuffed with almost-used-up tubes of  lipstick, tins of mints, torn ticket stubs and battered pet photos. I like chipped nail polish and too much rouge and bobby pins and reading glasses on chains.
And NOW I'm finally old enough to rock this style Authentically.

flowered rayon dress I've owned since the 1980's
gray cashmere sweater ~  also mine since the 1980's
piles of bead bracelets from various decades
brand new! ankle socks
super comfy orthopedic sandals ~ Naturalizer
tea cup and saucer ~ a gift from my Grandma Worthington
grey hair ~ Mother Nature

And now the GIVEAWAY part.

THE GRANNY ALPHABET is the most adorable two part book.
It is one of my very favorite picture books and I want to share it with you.
One book is full of photographs of Grannies by the Amazing Tim Walker.
The other book is full of charming Grandma drawings by the equally Amazing Lawrence Mynott.
 My one and only criticism is that it is lacking in diversity. But Tim Walker has said that this book was an homage to "the little old ladies who live down the lane" and I honestly believe that just about everybody will recognize a favorite Nana in these books.
Here's a teeny weeny sample:

#hot harridan reading ~ Thanks for that, Melanie :-)

So.... if you would like to have these books for your very own let me know in the Comments section and in mid-April I will pick one name out of my old straw granny hat.
Good Luck, Kids!!!!

I'll be kickin' it at Patti's Visible Monday. Meet me there.

Monday, January 11, 2016


Do you Recall your Very First Personal Fashion Moment???
My first Memory is of Overalls.
I must have been about three years old. At least I hope I was only three! I was wearing the type of Toddler Overalls that snap on the inside of the legs for quick emergency trips to the potty. The snaps were unsnapped, the pant legs were flapping around and I started twirling around singing, "I'm wearing a dress." My First Fashion Moment. Tra La.
Well, the fashion neurons in my brain must have imprinted on those overalls because I have owned and worn some form of bib overalls practically every decade of my life.
Meanwhile it is finally RAINING in SoCal!!!
El Nino ha llegado. YIPPEE!!!!
We're hunkered down doing inside rainy day things like
packing up holiday ornaments
baking cookies
and searching for new knitting projects
How gorgeous is Daphne Selfe in this Rowan knitting book?
striped turtleneck ~ Anthro
overalls ~ vintage 1990's from enidandedgar Etsy shop
Calgary slip on clogs ~ Vionic
Soooo....My Friends. What was YOUR Very First Fashion Memory?????
Do Tell.
meanwhile I'm linking up with the Super Smart Patti at Visible Monday

Sunday, December 13, 2015

my dottie angel frock


You know who dottie angel is, don't you? She lives over at mossy shed and has the most beautiful crafty life. Here's a little video to introduce you: Click HERE Please
I have been looking for a frame idea to create the turquoise bead chandelier, this could work!  Faux chandelier made from lampshade innards:
THE Tif Fussell
I've admired Tif Fussell for an awfully long time. You can find her on Instagram @dottieangel. So when I found out that she had created a pattern of her famous dottie angel frock for Simplicity Patterns, I was first in line. In fact, this may be one of the few sewing patterns that I've bought lately for which I actually paid full price. That is how much I love this girl!
the frock

the pattern

a  classic dottie angel pose
dress ~ made by me
neck-hiding turtle neck ~ J Crew
leggings ~ Capezio
orthopedic clogs ~ Yes!!! Effing ORTHOPEDIC CLOGS! ~ Merrell

This project was lots of fun and very easy to make. I used some plaid that I found in the discount bin. I think it may have been school uniform fabric which makes me very happy.
And I recycled the plaid for the pockets and tie from THIS dress.
I raised the neckline both front and back and replaced dottie angel's adorable apron pockets with plain old square connie snow pockets.
That's what I like about this pattern, it is super simple to personalize.
my ever increasing backside all tied up with a bow!
ah..the joys of middle age
And speaking of things that I Love,
because I subscribe to the New York Times,
I received a Google Cardboard NYT/VR.
Virtual Reality. My Favorite Kind of Reality These Days. Click HERE for the details.
I am completely Bonkers over this thing. It is Exquisitely Trippy.
 In fact, sometimes I actually trip while looking at it.
 Wish I could let you in on it but you'll just have to either come over to my house or get your own.
Thank you New York Times and Google.

Well....I think that is Quite Enough of moi en plaid for one day.
I'm heading over to Patti's Visible Monday to see what the kids are up to over there.
And even though this has nothing to do with Anne's 52 Pick-me-up prompt of green acorn I'm going to visit her as well just cuz I like her so darn much.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Imaginary Ancestors

Evelyn Cameron ~ the Photographer
Every time I wear this dress I get the same comment - Little House on the Prairie.
I stitched up this schmatte with black and white gingham fabric and Kwik Sew pattern 3065 from the discount bin at FabricLand.
It's a dress just for knockin' around the house and going to the grocery store. Breezy. Cool. It covers a multitude of sins. I added pockets of course.

All this talk of Prairies reminds me of my Ancestors.
I used my 10 day free trial on and found out that my great grandfather Henry James Snow left Cornwall, England in the late 1800's. His family had lived in the same region of Cornwall for centuries (if your name is Snow and you live in Cornwall, well, Hey Cousin!)  Henry James left. Who knows why. He made his way to Liverpool then on over to Canada and continued west to the Montana Territories where he married the Canadian born Frances who gave birth to my grandpa Ernest in 1887 and a few years later his brother Louis. I cannot even imagine doing something so brave.
 My idea of hardship is getting assigned a middle seat on the airplane. 
There are no photos of my great grandparents as far as I know.  So I like to thumb through Photographing Montana by Donna M. Lucey and pretend that these are my ancestors.
This book tells the honest story of settlers in the Old West. The author Donna Lucey found the photographs and diaries of settler Evelyn Cameron in a rattlesnake infested basement of an old house in eastern Montana in the 1970's. 
Sheep herder family 1905

Class Photo 1907
Young girls at a July picnic in 1913. Oh those hats!
Cowboys have Always been Cute
Jetta Grey with tame wolf cubs
Taming a suburban cockapoo in 2015
Because I can't tell the front from the back of this dress I embroidered a little daisy on the back. Lakshme approved.
If you like true tales of strong and brave settlers I can also recommend:
And two beautiful films made in the 1970's:
 Heartland, the absolutely heartbreaking story of a young widow in Wyoming
and the gorgeous Days of Heaven starring a very dishy young Richard Gere.
Both movies were filmed in Montana in the United States and Alberta in Canada. This was pretty darn easy for the filmmakers since so much of the landscape around there has not changed much since the early 1900's.
I believe that this post qualifies me to become one of Bag and a Beret's
That Melanie is such an Advanced Reader that she needs TWO pairs of glasses!!
You should also check out the very Hot Val.
I'm also headed to the reunion at Patti's Visible Monday. See you there!
And I'm joyfully taking my embroidered daisy over to Anne's 52-pick-me-up Sunflower/Joy.

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Ahhh... October in Southern California. Warm during the day and cool at night. Most of the tourists have returned to their leaf strewn inland homes. The beach and the streets and the taco shops are ours once again.
While the rest of the world is enjoying pumpkin spice this and that and boots and sweaters, we're still wearing tee shirts and flip flops and eating guacamole.
bonus points if you can spot my canine taste tester
It was a perfect Fall day today. I discovered some frozen Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies in the back of the freezer, which is almost as good as finding a forgotten $20 bill in the pocket of your jeans. So I brewed up some Detox tea to hopefully counteract the sugar. Yeah..right...
I was reading through the blogs like you do and I noticed that Anne's prompt for this week's
 52 Pick-Me-Up is Carrot / Perseverance.
Heck. I can do that. In fact I am actually doing that right now. It was meant to be. That Anne is not only talented but she is psychic. 
 Check out these crazy carrots! So beautiful. 
And I'm wearing a carrot colored dress with my face on it! 
So. Perseverance.
As you know (because I blather on about it endlessly. blah blah blah) I have had my share of health issues. Even though I have had more than one Debbie Downer of a doctor tell me that I need to suck it up and just accept my current situation, je refuse d'accepter!
 Oh Hell No!!!
I am sticking with my recovery plan, which of course includes frozen Thin Mints. And one day very soon I will be jumping around doing Cartwheels.
YES I WILL. So There!!
Carrots and Perseverance. 
carrot colored Mexican or Guatemalan dress, I'm not sure which ~ rock street vintage via Etsy
colored glass bead necklace ~ I've had it for so long I don't remember where I got it
black flip flops ~ Reef
Join me as I make a psychic connection at Anne's 52-Pick-Me-Up.
And I'm bringing the carrots to Patti's Visible Monday.
See you There!
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