Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Read Any Good Books Lately?

I have an enormous pile of books that I keep dusting off. I just can't seem to get around to reading them.

It's not that I don't read. I read all the time. I just can't get around to actual BOOKS.
Why is this so difficult?
Because I have a subscription to THE NEW YORKER!!!
I love The New Yorker. I read it from Maira Kalman Cover to Sempe Cover and Everything in between! And just when I finish one issue another one appears in my mail box! It's like an enormous literary schmorgasbord that never ends. And I don't want it to!
But since many of you may not read The New Yorker, you may not have heard of my friend whose cartoons appear in the magazine (well, she's not actually my friend in real life but she feels like a friend) ROZ CHAST.

Here's just a mini sampling of her work:

If you want to see more of her work. And you know you do. You can check out her website HERE.
Or you can go score The New Yorker.
Then you too can acquire a dusty unread pile of books just like me!
BTW, I am not paid by nor do I work for The New Yorker. Although if they'd like to offer me a job...
Uniq tencel plaid shirt ~ retail and worth every penny
leather belt ~ vintage
skirt ~ Land's End ~ makes me look like a is on its way to Goodwill!
glasses ~ Warby Parker
This Post qualifies me to join up with The Marvelously Multi-Talented Maricel's
Thoughtful Third Thursday...also hosted by Sweet Selah.
And I believe I am vaguely channeling a bitter old 1940's librarian. So that qualifies me to join up with Anne for 52 pick-me-up 1940's.
Aaaaaannnddd...Patti's Magic Mirror.
See you there!
Note: all Roz Chast Cartoons via Pinterest

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Want a Vegetable Garden? My Meet-Up With Anne

It must be Blogger Meet-Up Season.
Well, as you know Anne M Bray of SpyGirl is circumnavigating the United States. You can read about it HERE.
So we planned a Blogger Meet-Up as she passed through the First Destination on her Trip.
As you suspected Anne is every bit as lovely and talented and interesting as you would imagine. But I probably should have warned her that meeting Me would be every bit as Chaotic as you would imagine.
I gave her wacky directions and had her turned around and confused right off the bat.
I then invited a hungry Anne to a restaurant that was no longer serving food.
I made sure she was loaded up with sugar then I babbled incoherently for quite some time while she listened politely.
Then I sent her on her way with an empty stomach at the Height of Rush Hour. 
Life with Connie.
Brave Brave Anne. It's a good thing she didn't meet me during cocktail hour or we would still be there!!
Anne is traveling with a Live Garden in her car. Really. She is.
She gifted me with this Mint which is awaiting a most likely chaotic entry into my herb garden.
Anne also designed this awesome Googie Toile mug. Isn't it beautiful? I just LOVE it! You can buy some of  her beautiful creations HERE
Anne, Honey, your journey can only get better. It was So Nice to Meet You.
I Owe You A Lunch.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Stroll Around the Grounds Until You Feel at Home

It's a sunny breezy day.
Let's take a Stroll around the La Costa Resort, shall we?
 I love this California Mission Style of Architecture or California Romantica as it is sometimes called.
It involves a lot of Wrought Iron Scrolls and Swirls.
I am a serious Swirlophile. I have a Pinterest board devoted to Swirls.
You can check it out HERE if you'd like.

And don't even get me started on Fibonacci Spirals!
If it's been a long time since Math Class, THIS GIRL will explain it to you.



Rumor has it that this place was built with Mob Money.
I really hope so. I love sordid facts.
this is the only photo where I wasn't in mid-sneeze
As I was hobbling around I realized that my Urban Outfitters skirt matched the architecture so I asked the gardener to take a photo of me. I then proceeded to have a MAJOR hay fever attack. I sneezed so much that I think I scared him. He looked alarmed, snapped a photo, jumped into his truck and drove away Very Quickly.
I really must show you a close up of my Bag. I bought it years ago from an illegal street vendor in NYC ~ a bit of a sordid fact.
The kitty looks just like my dear departed cat Haley Mills who was gobbled up by a coyote one foggy night ~ a sad and sordid fact. She was a tough cat, though. I'm sure she put up a good fight.   
Well it looks as though our stroll has ended.
 Thank you so much for joining me.
Linking up with another beautiful kitty ~ PATTI!!!
And joining the mathletes with ANNE!!!

Note: La Costa is VERY Wheelchair Accessible :-)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

When Vintage Eyes Are Smiling

I have been wanting a Square Dancing Dress for as Long as I Can Remember.
 Haven't You?
Well, the Vintage Gods Must have been Smiling Down Upon Me Because
The Road to Flashbacks Rose Up to Meet Me
The Wind was At My Back
The Sun Shone Warm Upon a Parking Place
And the Rains Fell Soft Upon My Wallet 
Happy Connie*
handmade square dancing skirt ~ Flashbacks
linen peasant top ~ vintage J Jill
"statement" necklace ~ pulled out of the rummage bin
What makes this Find even Better is the crummy sewing involved.
Sewn by a Kindred Spirit. Yeah!!!
Until We Meet Again
May YOU Hold the Vintage Gods in the Palm of Your Hand.
And a Big Thank You and a Double Hug to the adorable megan and nora of two birds
for putting me on their love*birds list. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Favorite Year

Scary B Movie from the Year 1954
I just celebrated a Birthday.
Cue my daughter rolling her eyes and saying, "Mom, We KNOW!"
 It's taken over a month for it to sink in. I just turned ssss...okay....take a uh okay, the year was 1954. Have you done the math? 
 Oprah and Christie Brinkley and I just turned 60.
For awhile there I honestly didn't think I would make it but I did.
So just to get some perspective, let's see who else is turning 60 this year.
And this is the SHORT list!

Christie Brinkley ~ We're like TWINS!
 Except for the part where she's a tall super model and I'm not. 
Jerry Seinfeld
He's almost 60. Not that there's anything wrong with that...
Elvis Costello
Cindy Sherman ~ CINDY SHERMAN!!!!!!!!!
Catherine O'Hara
 This list just keeps getting better and better.
Trudie Styler
Jane Campion
Roz Chast
 My FAVORITE Cartoonist
Nancy Wilson (HEART)
My First Live Concert ever

Shari Belafonte

Some interesting books

Some Classic Movies 
Rear Window
And ME!

Yep, here I am. Another year older.
 It's funny. Nobody likes getting older. But IT happens...if you're lucky!

So who or what was born in YOUR birth year????