Sunday, October 4, 2015


Ahhh... October in Southern California. Warm during the day and cool at night. Most of the tourists have returned to their leaf strewn inland homes. The beach and the streets and the taco shops are ours once again.
While the rest of the world is enjoying pumpkin spice this and that and boots and sweaters, we're still wearing tee shirts and flip flops and eating guacamole.
bonus points if you can spot my canine taste tester
It was a perfect Fall day today. I discovered some frozen Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies in the back of the freezer, which is almost as good as finding a forgotten $20 bill in the pocket of your jeans. So I brewed up some Detox tea to hopefully counteract the sugar. Yeah..right...
I was reading through the blogs like you do and I noticed that Anne's prompt for this week's
 52 Pick-Me-Up is Carrot / Perseverance.
Heck. I can do that. In fact I am actually doing that right now. It was meant to be. That Anne is not only talented but she is psychic. 
 Check out these crazy carrots! So beautiful. 
And I'm wearing a carrot colored dress with my face on it! 
So. Perseverance.
As you know (because I blather on about it endlessly. blah blah blah) I have had my share of health issues. Even though I have had more than one Debbie Downer of a doctor tell me that I need to suck it up and just accept my current situation, je refuse d'accepter!
 Oh Hell No!!!
I am sticking with my recovery plan, which of course includes frozen Thin Mints. And one day very soon I will be jumping around doing Cartwheels.
YES I WILL. So There!!
Carrots and Perseverance. 
carrot colored Mexican or Guatemalan dress, I'm not sure which ~ rock street vintage via Etsy
colored glass bead necklace ~ I've had it for so long I don't remember where I got it
black flip flops ~ Reef
Join me as I make a psychic connection at Anne's 52-Pick-Me-Up.
And I'm bringing the carrots to Patti's Visible Monday.
See you There!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sugar Fiends

 Out in the Wild West where I grew up, there were no Hummingbirds.
Perhaps they are scared away by the Grizzly Bears and the Rattlesnakes and the Extreme Temperatures.
Heck. Most Humans can hardly stand it
But where I live now there is actually a Road named after them.
Fuzzy Baby Hummingbird. Isn't it Cute? In My Backyard, Yo!
We are, as you may have heard, in the midst of an historic drought here in Southern California.
Not a lotta flowers this year.
And it is hard out here for a Hummingbird.
So I decided to put my Degree in Pastry Making to use and Cook up a little Hummingbird Food.

Here is my Recipe.
Just in case the Hummingbirds in your neighborhood need a little extra grub:
I like to use Organic Sugar.
I like to use Spring Water.
baggy linen pants ~ hand me up from my daughter
rayon kimono ~ purchased over 2 years ago at the Encinitas Seaside Bazaar
stripedy tee ~ Gap
sunglasses ~ Raen
flippety flops ~ Reef - toujours les Reefs
Le Food for ze Hummingbirds.
I've always thought that Hummingbirds were sweet little polite fairy-like birds.
But, Man, they are so jacked up on sugar that they fight over this stuff like it's the Last Pair of Uggs at the Nordstrom Half  Yearly Sale!!!
Total Sugar Fiends!

Flying over to Patti's Party at Visible Monday.
See you there!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

I feel bad about my neck

"Our faces are lies and our necks are truth. You have to cut open a redwood tree to see how old it is, but you wouldn't if it had a neck."   Nora Ephron

I have been practicing my selfies. Too close?
No, I don't think so.
 The more pictures I take of my Mug the more I realize that "I feel bad about my neck." I really do.
I actually really like my grey hair and I don't mind the wrinkles on my face.   
But dear Nora Ephron was so right. It's all about the neck. 
Did you ever read This Book?
Perhaps it is the dreaded "tech neck" or perhaps it's just plain old aging but I simply cannot stand the sight of my aging neck.
I am terrified of plastic surgery and I have already spent a small fortune on gooey neck creams. I'm not much of a choker necklace wearer and most scarves usually just end up in my bag.
So I have decided to take a cue from Diane Keaton and Jackie O and wear turtlenecks. Even in the summertime.
It's not doing much to eliminate my hot flashes but that's just a sacrifice I'll have to make.
turtleneck ~ Delia's
leggings ~ Athleta
x-stitch denim tunic ~ thrifted from Double Take in Solana Beach
ballet flats - Born
See? It works. Even when making a big ole double chin!
So if you are a youngish person with a lovely smooth swan-like neck take my advice. Do yourself a favor and take a LOT of beautiful close up wrinkle free photos NOW. Right this minute! GO DO IT!! Some day you will be happy to have a record of your silky smooth neck days.

Now I'm off to find a turtleneck bathing suit.


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Nicely Done

When I was a kid and probably when you were a kid, at the end of every doctor or dentist appointment we were usually given a lollipop for our good behavior. 
Hmmm...I'm not sure how healthy it is to give sugar to a extremely active kid with cavities but I sure didn't complain much at the time.
In fact, I sometimes wonder how anyone born before the 1990's survived all the junk we were fed as children.
 But lo and behold. Here we are.
Now as a grown-up, after a doctor or dentist appointment, we are rewarded with a Nice Hefty Bill ~ especially if we live in these here Good Old United States. Sigh...
 These days I try to avoid sugar as much as possible because I am, after all, a real live Grown-up.
So since I have been a very brave girl throughout all of my scary doctor appointments. And since I am so amazing that I have actually started (finishing remains to be seen) making Holiday presents in the Summertime ~ one of the Upsides of Downtime~
 I have decided to reward myself with a little Etsy shopping.
I deserve it, God Dammit.
I treated myself to this beautiful 1990's era gauze dress from BeigeVintage. It Is Enormous. And very breezy and comfortable. I just love it. And I could quite possible eat a lot of sugary things while wearing it....if I wanted to...but I won't...well, maybe I will...but I probably shouldn't...but I I smell cookies?? Anyhoo...
Nicely Done, Me.
Meanwhile, my sidekick and interior design partner Pancake has started a pine cone collection. Every time we come home from the park he brings another pine cone which we have turned into a lovely organic coney centerpiece. 
Nicely Done, Pancake.
How do you reward Yourself????
So happy to be back in the game.
Joining the Brave and Beautiful SpyGirl Anne's Red Party at 52-pick-me-up.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Helloooooo La La La

   HELLOOOOOOO La La La  click Here
How have you been? 
 It's been such a long time, hasn't it?????
I have been on a bit of a "Journey."
And I'm not talking about a little trip to Grandma's house. 
 It was more like a Long Uncomfortable Ride on a Bumpy Muddy Road in the Back of a Rusty Old Pick-Up Truck being Driven by a Drunk CHIMPANZEE. 
That old adage "When you've got your Health you've got Everything" is so so True. 
So.....this is where I have been spending many of my days.
I've been hanging out with Pancake my trusty nap companion.
And in addition to hours of Broad City and Seinfeld reruns I have had the time to Totally indulge my Love of La Nouvelle Vague.
"Bande a Part" - "Band of Outsiders"
No wonder I keep drawing this CARD:
 So at long last, my friends, I'm going to make another attempt to rejoin the Land O' The Bloggin'!!!!
What have YOU been up to lately?
Do Tell.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hold That Thought...

One of the best things about blogging is connecting on so many levels with kindred spirits all around the world. But I don't have to tell you that, do I? You all KNOW it's true.
 I am in the process of recovering from my latest Prolotherapy treatment.
Believe me, it is Not Blogworthy.
So I shall now entertain you with some photos of an Apple Tart baking session.
I like to use Golden Delicious Apples because they hold their shape when baked.
Wish I could say the same for

Monsieur Crepe, My Bakery Assistant.
I should probably make him wear a hairnet.
 And just when I was feeling really really sorry for myself...
THIS came in the mail. And It Made My Day!!!!
All hand made by the most amazing Suzanne Carillo.
We all know that she is amazing. She made everything here.
You really must check out her Etsy shop.
Really. The photo does not do this necklace justice.
It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
Thank you Suzanne. The healing crystals are working their magic.
I feel better already.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Classic Mad Men, n'est-ce pas?
I just had a birthday. I was born in 1954. Yeah. Yeah. I know I'm old. If you stick around long enough it is bound to happen to you, too. These people were ALSO born in 1954. So I have to think that it was a pretty good year! 
The cover story was about little Arabella Churchill who was considered a potential future bride for Prince Charles.
 If you ever want to feel REALLY OLD. Go out and find yourself a magazine that was published around the time that you were born and check out the advertisements.
Even if you're only 20 years old, go get a mag from 1995.
 It will blow your little mind.
 Women mostly stayed home and cleaned house.
This kitchen appears to have a stripper pole. An obviously very CLEAN stripper pole.
My Mom was probably feeding me this crap.
And wearing one of these torture devices.
And getting all jacked up on sugar.
Just about everybody smoked. Doctor's Orders!
 Unfiltered Camels are so therapeutic for those delicate opera singer vocal chords.
Oh look. A group of babysitters for me!
 Most likely sneaking cigs and spiking their Seven-Up with Jack Daniels.
And of course there is our never ending obsession with weight control.
I'll have to try this the next time I bake. Rolling pins for all types of buns.
 I saved the best for last. Love Love Love the latest accessories collection from Jacques Fath.
So....have you ever looked at advertisements from your Birth Year??
Do it. Really. Do it. I'd love to hear about it.

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