Saturday, March 10, 2012

Room With A View

It didn't appear as though our living room had a view, unless you count the neighbor's shuttered windows as a "view." So we slapped this IKEA poster of la Tour Eiffel (which, I'm afraid, is no longer available...the poster, not the Eiffel Tower which I'm pretty certain is still there) on the wall so that at least we could imagine we were camped out in le septieme arrondissement de Paris.

But last night I noticed that, in fact, we DO have a View.....of the MOON ~ Oh la la La Lune ~
Yep, the same moon that you're looking at where you live.


  1. Perfect picture of the moon. See you soon Connie !

  2. HA HA what a great idea:) You know Im from IKEA-land Sweden soo ive must love them:)...thanks for stopping bye and I wish you a great week.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis

  3. I love making fun little discoveries like that! And I really like the poster too.

    Thank you for your visit over at my place. Please feel free to share whatever you like! I'm honored.

    Have a wonderful week!


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