Thursday, March 27, 2014

Want a Vegetable Garden? My Meet-Up With Anne

It must be Blogger Meet-Up Season.
Well, as you know Anne M Bray of SpyGirl is circumnavigating the United States. You can read about it HERE.
So we planned a Blogger Meet-Up as she passed through the First Destination on her Trip.
As you suspected Anne is every bit as lovely and talented and interesting as you would imagine. But I probably should have warned her that meeting Me would be every bit as Chaotic as you would imagine.
I gave her wacky directions and had her turned around and confused right off the bat.
I then invited a hungry Anne to a restaurant that was no longer serving food.
I made sure she was loaded up with sugar then I babbled incoherently for quite some time while she listened politely.
Then I sent her on her way with an empty stomach at the Height of Rush Hour. 
Life with Connie.
Brave Brave Anne. It's a good thing she didn't meet me during cocktail hour or we would still be there!!
Anne is traveling with a Live Garden in her car. Really. She is.
She gifted me with this Mint which is awaiting a most likely chaotic entry into my herb garden.
Anne also designed this awesome Googie Toile mug. Isn't it beautiful? I just LOVE it! You can buy some of  her beautiful creations HERE
Anne, Honey, your journey can only get better. It was So Nice to Meet You.
I Owe You A Lunch.


  1. This is a great story to kick off Anne's trip. You guys look radiant. I only wish I could have been there - you could have sent me out to pick up some burgers. Or yam fries. It's funny that the place that doesn't serve food has a big poster behind you asking if you want a vegetable garden, and yikes, Anne has one in her car...?! Hugs to you both. Beautiful mug.

    1. Which reminds me, I can't drive it into Canada if I do a Vancouver spur. Hmmm

  2. Well at least Anne has a good supply of herbs to chomp on when she gets peckish. What a beautiful photo of the two of you - such lovely, happy smiles:). xoxo

  3. Sooooooooooooooo jealoussssssssssssss I want to meet both of you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. I'm having a wonderful morning! blogger meet-ups of my lovely blogger idols! you two are just gorgeous, smiles that make me happy, infectious smiles are the best! and I love Anne has a herb garden in the car..utter brilliance - the toile mug is pretty, pretty, pretty! x x x

  5. Gorgeous mug and a fabulous photo of two top ladies - you've just made my Friday! xxx

  6. That's fantastic ... She may have gone away hungry ... but I'm sure she didn't leave disappointed :0)

  7. Another blogger meet-up! Wow! It looks like fun, if a little low on food, but what a great way to start her trip!

  8. Connie, listen carefully. When I finally get out to San Diego - and it WILL happen - we are ONLY going to meet at cocktail hour. And if we can't find a restaurant that serves food (is that a California thing?) then I will go back to your house and cook you Sicilian food that will make you want to run away from home with me.

    Got it?

  9. If you ever wander out to my part of the country (which is unlikely as no one comes here deliberately) we can bake a tray of retro bar cookies. How very cool that you guys got to have a meet-up.

    Thank you for your comments at my blog, I'm glad I could summon some happy childhood memories.

  10. How cool to meet a fellow blogger!! I bet it was quite the fun time because you sort of know each other via the blogs and then you really do get to know each other.

  11. How fun that you two got to meet! And how great that she is traveling with a garden...I love that! I'm sure the chaos added to the funof her trip!

  12. I'm sure Anne loved her little slice of Life with Connie! I would adore to meet you for no food and plenty of cocktails and incoherent babbling, please.
    Great photo of two delicious ladies! xxx

  13. Look at you guys! Two ... count 'um ...TWO of my favorite bloggers in one place! So happy you got to meet up. Pretty faces!

  14. That really made me laugh! Note to self, if I ever go to a bloggy meet up with Connie, take sandwiches! :) I blame the restaurant, fancy not serving food! You look like you had a great time together. xxxxx

  15. So cool you got to meet up!

    How can a restaurant no longer serve food? What is the world turning into?


    1. I wasn't very clear as usual. The restaurant stopped serving meals at 3:00. They only had desserts. Anne had pie!

  16. Hi Connie, I love what freckleface had to say about bringing sandwiches, LOL.
    It is great that you had a blog meet up . . . how fun is that!
    Oh, and I loved tagging along with you through la Costa Resort. BEAUTIFUL!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Connie :)

  17. FINALLY got to read this. I think 3/27 was The Day of U-Turns. I had trouble finding my hotel in Eloy AZ too.
    I also forgot to notate my starting mileage on the odometer. Doh!
    It was lovely meeting you! Your goody bag was amazing, and the pie was awesome! Sometime I'll get the post written about it.
    I've been on the road for a week! After a 2-day stop in New Orleans, I'm now in Florida. Crazy!

  18. That's so cool she has a traveling garden!

  19. Hello Connie,

    We have stumbled across the whirlwind which is your world via the delightful Curtise and what fun it has been to arrive.

    For our own part it seems perfectly all right to talk incessantly through lunch, concentrating on cocktail hour instead. You are definitely a girl after our own hearts.

    We hesitate to offer advice but would say that unless you want a vegetable garden which solely consists of Mint, do not plant that innocent looking little green shoot. In no time it will take on humongous proportions and grow at a rate that you will be able to watch whilst drinking tea. Plant it in a pot....that way you will have Mint sprigs for your cocktails without having to get a flamethrower to deal with it in your flower borders!

    We are your latest followers.

  20. I like it when bloggers meet up.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  21. Blogger meet-ups are so much fun! I would love to meet up with you gals!!!

  22. LUNCH!!!!!! You still owe me!!!!!! Hahahaha.
    Did the mint "take"?

  23. Revisiting! Still wondering about the mint. I have plenty more where that came from!
    It's the mint I can't kill.


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