Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Read Any Good Books Lately?

I have an enormous pile of books that I keep dusting off. I just can't seem to get around to reading them.

It's not that I don't read. I read all the time. I just can't get around to actual BOOKS.
Why is this so difficult?
Because I have a subscription to THE NEW YORKER!!!
I love The New Yorker. I read it from Maira Kalman Cover to Sempe Cover and Everything in between! And just when I finish one issue another one appears in my mail box! It's like an enormous literary schmorgasbord that never ends. And I don't want it to!
But since many of you may not read The New Yorker, you may not have heard of my friend whose cartoons appear in the magazine (well, she's not actually my friend in real life but she feels like a friend) ROZ CHAST.

Here's just a mini sampling of her work:

If you want to see more of her work. And you know you do. You can check out her website HERE.
Or you can go score The New Yorker.
Then you too can acquire a dusty unread pile of books just like me!
BTW, I am not paid by nor do I work for The New Yorker. Although if they'd like to offer me a job...
Uniq tencel plaid shirt ~ retail and worth every penny
leather belt ~ vintage
skirt ~ Land's End ~ makes me look like a is on its way to Goodwill!
glasses ~ Warby Parker
This Post qualifies me to join up with The Marvelously Multi-Talented Maricel's
Thoughtful Third Thursday...also hosted by Sweet Selah.
And I believe I am vaguely channeling a bitter old 1940's librarian. So that qualifies me to join up with Anne for 52 pick-me-up 1940's.
Aaaaaannnddd...Patti's Magic Mirror.
See you there!
Note: all Roz Chast Cartoons via Pinterest


  1. Hi Connie, I just finished reading the book "The Fault In Our Stars." Very nice story. Longbourn is next on my reading list. Anything Jane Austen for me is lovely. You look so smart Connie in your librarian look.

  2. First, I love your house, and your clothes, and your poses, and YOU! It's always a treat to see your posts, probably doubly so because we never get enough. You're like a rare gemstone or endangered species - so precious because you're not often seen.

    Enough babbling. I've never read the New Yorker, but I do see some of the comics when someone brings them to work. And did you mention Ros Chast before? I know someone did. She's very funny - thanks for the link.

    In your book pile, I read Five Quarters of the Orange. I think it's one of Joanne Harris's best books. You should try to squeeze that in between New Yorker issues, and then feel free to disagree with me.

  3. Oh, girl, can we be roommates? Can I tell you about my Charles Addams obsession?

  4. Look at you being a bad housekeeper ... not that I believe it for a second ... that room behind you looks far too clean and neat and tidy.
    I love the "Before the Internet" cartoon ... that was totally me.

  5. Hello Connie,

    Well, we have no subscription to the New Yorker but, even if we did, we are certain that we could not be parted from our beloved books. The ones one holds in one's hands and turns the pages by hand and then places them in bookcases, on top of tables or stacks them on the floor as there is simply no room left for them elsewhere!

    You look wonderfully comfortable in your reading pose and what a beautiful room to read in. Indeed, that looks the kind of armchair that one may never leave........surely one could eat, and sleep in it as well as read! What bliss. We should certainly never be enticed out of that armchair to do any housekeeping....but the we really are the professional Lazy Tarts!

    The illustrations are such fun. We wish she were a friend of ours......virtually or otherwise!

  6. Roz Chast is brilliant! your 'Bad Housekeeping' pose is inspired, I have considered de-frosting with dynamite in the past, but apparently it's not available to the general public, pah! love your librarian pose too, bitter librarian! haha, noooo, they are mean, I have been chastised by a mean one for hiring out too many Mills and Boon's (I had a serious crush on them, and liked the men were all called Brad/Chad/Max) x x x

  7. I think Roz Chast must have some sort of secret portal into my brain! I love those cartoons. Never read a copy of the New Yorker though, it conjures up images of intellectual, sardonic, witty types in cool glasses - wait a minute, that's YOU, Connie!
    I don't know about looking like a teapot, but I do see adorable, super cool and clever straight A student. With maybe just a touch of 1940s librarian. But no bitterness, none at all!
    Look at your beautiful room, with its glorious fireplace and footstool and flowers. And all those shelves, packed with your unread books! I read a lot, although I can't usually remember anything about the books once I've finished. I immerse myself in their imaginary worlds, then emerge blinking into the light, and it's as though it never happened. Hopeless. I just read Lolita (it was on my list of books I should have read but haven't) which I can't make my mind up about at all - can you help me? As for Henry James... He's on my should read list too, but oh that tortuous prose!
    Come on, Connie - we could have our own little international book club. Just make sure we discuss the book immediately after I have finished, otherwise I won't have a single sensible thing to say about it! xxxxxx

  8. I'm loving having a peek at your gorgeous house. I have a real thing about peering at bookshelves and trying to glean more about the owner by their collection. You definitely don't look like a teapot, more like a sexy librarian with those glasses perched on your nose like that, ready to unbutton your blouse a few notches and flick your hair in a certain way.
    I've never read The New Yorker even if its free on the plane - thought it would be too serious and analytical. How wrong I am! xxx

  9. Connie, I'm having a right good nosey at your sitting room and I like what I see. Your style is rather French i think. As soon as I saw that photo I thought librarian with a secret night life! But you know which is my favourite photo? It's the one with you with your feet up on the table looking all cute and irreverent. :) great illustrations, full of character and wit. P.s. I have a dusty pile by my bed. SNAP! Xxx

  10. I'm battling a growing pile of library books. I started On the Road, then hubby went downhill, we had an overseas friend to stay, hubby has bounced back and I want to enjoy the fun we're having, it's school holidays and I've been sleeping in, I'm watching Fellini's back catalogue starting with The White Sheik (I'm a pretentious twat), then my library holds are piling in and I'm getting anxious. I give up. Think I'll join Anne's 52 Pick-Me-Up and your 1940s librarian. xoxoxo

  11. Oh Connie, you crack me up, way to make a cartoon come alive! And how on earth did you keep a straight face while doing your impersonation of a librarian! I am reading Alice Munro at the moment, consider her short stories when you need a wee breather from The New Yorker...

  12. Thanks so much for linking up with Thoughtful Third Thursday! The "Before the Internet" cartoon is SO true! I probably use my IMDB app every day. :) I love your librarian look, and you've made me realize I need to start taking my T3 photos in my library!

  13. That's it! I'm coming over to visit! And I plan to grab a book off your extensive shelves,curl up in that chair and stay a while!

    Your house is gorgeous - it's how I envision my house to look once I ship my kids off to college and get rid of their clutter. LOL. And this entire post is so, well - PERFECT! The commentary! The cartoons! The outfit! You fully rock!

    I'm so glad Selah and I concocted T3 because I'm constantly amazed and inspired by everyone's linkup offerings.

  14. The Sartre one cracks me up!!! Gorgeous skirt, even if it's not your favorite! :)

  15. I love a funny Blog and yours is hilarious! I've just discovered it, will trawl through all your archives, and wanted to say hi from Scotland. You're gonna be one of my favourites I can tell....!

  16. 'Bad Housekeeping' now that's a magazine that could subscribe to, or submit a few articles to! Our daughter reads the New Yorker and sometimes passes her back copies on to us. (You look a tad strict in librarian mode!)

  17. Well, I started my LOL at Angst Tuna Salad...I was merely giggling in my head before. The whole darn thang fell apart and degraded to snorting by the time I reach the end of the post. You're a riot and I lurve you! xo

  18. LOL I loved these cartoons! Hilarious : )

    Your outfit is pretty nerdy chic.


  19. I am laughing like crazy. This was a fantastic post. The comics were great and I loved your pictures. Your home looks amazing - by the way. And I loved your little enclosure about working for The New Yorker :)
    Thanks for making me laugh

  20. I picked up a copy of The Village at the last library sale, and haven't read it yet either. I'm waiting for summer, when I can read (mostly) uninterrupted.

    I am in love with your shirt, but envy your bookcases. We just got a quote for installing industrial shelving in our library, and after the sticker-shock wore off, we agreed it would be the best option. It is however, industrial shelving and sooooo ugly.

  21. *Best* cartoons - the existential boiling water was so funny! And the memoirs. And all the rest. You look cozy and smart reading your favorite magazine. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  22. The cartoons are hilarious and that large chair you are sitting in looks sooo comfortable.

  23. Great cartoons - thanks for the laughs. I just love that picture of you with your feet up LOL!
    I don't have time to read anything except bloggy stuff. It's not that I don't want to, but I figure I'll read when I can no longer move ;-)
    What's wrong with the skirt? It's a great color on you. Shorten it and it's shape will change.


  24. You are always so much fun, how not to ADORE YOU???
    Don´t forget SAHRE-IN-STYLE: accessories this coming saturday 26th. jUST COME AS YOU ARE. i WISH IT WAS TRUE A WE COULD MEET

  25. I see you kicking back and I think, I want to kick back with THAT woman. I already have been given an honourary lifetime subscription to Bad Housekeeping. I used to lose days to The New Yorker too. I don't see the teapot, but I would imagine you would feel loads better if you looked like a coke bottle in terms of liquid dispensers. I like the skirt but give it the boot if it pisses you off.

  26. I love the 40s librarian & those glasses are fantastic!

  27. You are not alone on the pile of books gathering dust. I have several piles to work my way through, I guess when Winter kicks in I shall immerse myself in reading while snuggling under a blanket on those grey old days.

  28. This is exactly up my alley! But more so for my huz, Dan. His Kindle subscription for the New Yorker keeps him busy, and we're over the moon that the digital version now has ALL the cartoons. He rarely manages a book because his spare moments are right in the pages of this perfect magazine. He'll get this completely.

  29. Allo Connie! Comment ça va? Moi ça va un peu mieux - Slow progress but getting better everyday
    Sorry i will not comment on the New Yorker or books but will on your gorgeous, gorgeous intérieur! what an amazing room and i can imagine the light in there -
    Biig hugs


  30. You are such a cute librarian/book worm! Haha must try out those recipes by Sartre! :)

  31. I'm a lover of The New Yorker. I had a New York friend who kept my in subscriptions for years. Now I need to remember to subscribe myself. I do indeed know Roz but, with my history (which you know because you've read my blog), I find her kind of "every day" angst a bit grating. But she is very funny.


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