Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Favorite Year

Scary B Movie from the Year 1954
I just celebrated a Birthday.
Cue my daughter rolling her eyes and saying, "Mom, We KNOW!"
 It's taken over a month for it to sink in. I just turned ssss...okay....take a breath...sssiiiixxx....um uh okay, the year was 1954. Have you done the math? 
 Oprah and Christie Brinkley and I just turned 60.
For awhile there I honestly didn't think I would make it but I did.
So just to get some perspective, let's see who else is turning 60 this year.
And this is the SHORT list!

Christie Brinkley ~ We're like TWINS!
 Except for the part where she's a tall super model and I'm not. 
Jerry Seinfeld
He's almost 60. Not that there's anything wrong with that...
Elvis Costello
Cindy Sherman ~ CINDY SHERMAN!!!!!!!!!
Catherine O'Hara
 This list just keeps getting better and better.
Trudie Styler
Jane Campion
Roz Chast
 My FAVORITE Cartoonist
Nancy Wilson (HEART)
My First Live Concert ever

Shari Belafonte

Some interesting books

Some Classic Movies 
Rear Window
And ME!

Yep, here I am. Another year older.
 It's funny. Nobody likes getting older. But IT happens...if you're lucky!

So who or what was born in YOUR birth year???? 


  1. Happy Birthday Connie ... enjoy your sixties :0)
    Not too much happened in the year I was born ... oh except a couple of guys walked on the moon.

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday Connie. You have reached a milestone. I wish you excellent health, joy and lots of love. Enjoy every moment!

  3. Girl, you do not, and I mean NOT, look 60 to me. I thought, maybe early 50's? So whatever's in your water, I want some.

    I had to look some of these people up, and I'm happy to say that I have the same hairstyle of at least one of them. And tell your daughter that the birthday's not over until ALL the cake is gone!

    Happy birthday, doll.

  4. Yep, getting older does indeed shine when compared to the alternative. Happy Birthday!!!! 1954 was a good year, especially for women. No wrinkles on anybody...huh. I looked up people born in my year, 1960, and they all seemed so successful, like they were famous or something. Me and Bono, natch, and Jane Lynch, and diapers at the same time. Have a fabulous year!

  5. Princess Diana and Barack Obama were born the same year as me! Take all the time (and champagne and cake) you need as you celebrate your milestone birthday year. You wear it very very well Connie :-)

  6. You are in incredible company. I had to look up Roz Chast. Am I an idiot or what?!!! She is a goddess. And Cindy Sherman, another goddess who also happened to date that guy. And you are a goddess as well. I'm so happy you're getting older but I don't see the effects of gravity on you. You are very fortunate.
    I was never born. And I haven't been born again either.

  7. Happy birthday, Connie!

    I too turned that terrible number last year and like you, I choked on the word!! However did we get to this strange place?

    But it has to be better than not being here at all.

  8. Happy Birthday Connie!! you are an awesome woman and in great company (well, of course you are, you are flaming awesome!) My twins, Jennifer Lopez is the same age as me, and the fabulous Jo (Angels have red hair) x x x

  9. You are in some fine company but I bet all those celebs would be in awe of you, gorgeous, funny, supportive and one of the strongest and most inspirational women I know.
    I share 1966 with Helena Bonham Carter, John Cusack, Keifer Sutherland and the last time the England football team won the World Cup! xxx

  10. I think it's just the word that's scary - sixty. It's got that X in it, which is kind of prickly and aggressive. But you and Oprah and Cindy and Nancy (Nancy Wilson is 60?!) make 60 look beautiful! And I say, keep milking it for all the attention you can get. Aging is not what it used to be - we're the Baby Boomers, we'll be the coolest old people yet!

    I love your round-up list. Patti did something similar with people born in her birth year. I have Sela Ward, Linda Hamilton, and Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady!) for starters. I can't remember any of the guys.

  11. Happy birthday, Connie! If I had realised, I would have popped over with a bottle of bubbly and a cake - why didn't you TELL me?
    1964 then. My fellow half-centurians include Nicholas Cage, Michele Obama, Courtney Love, Juliette Binoche, Keanu Reeves, Diana Krall, Sandra Bullock, and Elle MacPherson.
    I think we can all agree I'm far more gorgeous than any of them. Ahem.
    Here's to living long and prospering; I'm so glad you're here to celebrate being sexy, stunning and simply super at 60! xxx

  12. Wow connie, you look simply amazing. Seems like 1954 was quite a good year as you are keeping some good company there! I share 1966 with Vix, can't be bad! Xxxx

  13. Sorry I missed your birthday post. You are certainly in good company turning 60. I'm turning 40 in July which seems kinda weird. When I was 20, 40 seemed SO ancient. Happy Birthday to you. Xx

  14. No way not possible, you cannot be 60!! You do not look anywhere close to that number. You are in good company tho aren't you.

  15. Hi Connie! Just saw you over at Patti's. i am also turning 60 this year. How does it feel? I'm vowing not to waste any more time getting depressed over my age.
    You look great amd love seeing the old movies turning 60.
    I travel out to SD once a year...
    Happy Birthday! Xoxo

  16. Happy belated birthday, Connie! It seems that our birthdays must be very close together… mine was on the 9th. I am on the tail end of the Gen Xers. Elvis Presley died the year I was born. Apple Computer began. Orlando Bloom, Maggie Gylenhaal, Liv Tyler, Kanye West are some famous people who share my birth year. I shutter to think about all the stars that are younger than me… I'm still a young kid in my head, after all. I'm looking up at 40 very soon with disbelieve and gratitude to make it this far.

  17. You are gorgeous and in good company!

  18. Christie Brinkley is SIXTY? Are you kidding me?! I'm going back to bed...
    Happy, happy, hard-won birthday to you, Connie. I'm so glad we found each other. You are one of the finest "Roll Models" and I hope all of your birthday wishes come true ;-)



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