Monday, March 24, 2014

Stroll Around the Grounds Until You Feel at Home

It's a sunny breezy day.
Let's take a Stroll around the La Costa Resort, shall we?
 I love this California Mission Style of Architecture or California Romantica as it is sometimes called.
It involves a lot of Wrought Iron Scrolls and Swirls.
I am a serious Swirlophile. I have a Pinterest board devoted to Swirls.
You can check it out HERE if you'd like.

And don't even get me started on Fibonacci Spirals!
If it's been a long time since Math Class, THIS GIRL will explain it to you.



Rumor has it that this place was built with Mob Money.
I really hope so. I love sordid facts.
this is the only photo where I wasn't in mid-sneeze
As I was hobbling around I realized that my Urban Outfitters skirt matched the architecture so I asked the gardener to take a photo of me. I then proceeded to have a MAJOR hay fever attack. I sneezed so much that I think I scared him. He looked alarmed, snapped a photo, jumped into his truck and drove away Very Quickly.
I really must show you a close up of my Bag. I bought it years ago from an illegal street vendor in NYC ~ a bit of a sordid fact.
The kitty looks just like my dear departed cat Haley Mills who was gobbled up by a coyote one foggy night ~ a sad and sordid fact. She was a tough cat, though. I'm sure she put up a good fight.   
Well it looks as though our stroll has ended.
 Thank you so much for joining me.
Linking up with another beautiful kitty ~ PATTI!!!
And joining the mathletes with ANNE!!!

Note: La Costa is VERY Wheelchair Accessible :-)


  1. How can so many sordid facts look so good?! And warmth and sunshine, twiddly, twirly things and splashy water. Oh, look at me, I've gone a horrible colour green.

  2. I so love sordid facts and back-stories too. This is a lovely setting, thanks for sharing it with Visible Monday.

  3. I'm sorry Hayley Mills got gobbled by a coyote but the sordid facts cheered me up no end. Love that bag, your outfit and that snazzy place! x

  4. I think i might be a convert to sordid facts Connie! Although i am most alarmed about poor old Hayley Mills. What a way to go. Well done for scaring the locals, that gets bonus points every time. Thanks for the tour. I loved the skirt-matching architecture and the wonderful sunshine. Xxx

  5. Why stick to sordid facts ... I'll happily read some of your sordid rumours too ;0)

  6. And here's atchoo, Mrs Robinson. See what I did there! Bloody hilarious, me.
    What a lovely place. I can't say I know anything about the technicalities of spirals and swirls, but I adore the wrought ironwork and the flowers and whitewash and sunshine and blue sky. And you, looking fabulous in your matching skirt, despite the sneezes!
    Oh poor Hayley Mills, what a way to go! I'm glad my cats don't have to worry about coyotes. Just the traffic...
    Let's have more sordid facts, Connie, I love 'em.
    PS. I was thinking about you only the other day; I was doing my pretend psychic act for my friend. She laughed so much, she cried. I'm GOOD. Next job - Vintage Psychic! xxxx

  7. Wow. Were you actually staying there? I'm impressed.

  8. You awesome swirl-girl! Your pictures are beautiful, and your bag is toooooo cyoooooooote. But I am so blown away by the video about the Fibonacci spirals! I mean, I'd heard of Fibonacci and all that, but I had no idea that pine cones, artichokes, Brussel sprouts, etc, etc, all had those numbers!!!! Spooky indeed.

  9. New Version of the SAT sort of day???? I freaking LOVE you!!!

  10. Pinterest! blooming brilliant! swirly lovliness indeed, I must be a swirlophile too! poor Hayley Mills though, I bet she did put up a fight (one of my cats chases scary leaves, tough she ain't!) I worry about the gardener though, unless he is sneeze phobic, gorgeous pic of you though, he did well! I do like sordid facts too, mob money and illegal vendors, brilliant stuff! x x x

  11. It is nice to see you out and about Connie. This is a beautiful Resort. The wrought irons are so stylish and the pool looks so inviting. Your bag is cool! Enjoy your day.

  12. Love these sunny shots, absolutely beautiful!

  13. Very much enjoyed the stroll, can we do it again soon!! I like that you are a swirlophile and like sordid facts. I prefer a story with a bit of grunt to it. I quite like telling one too!!

  14. The curliques are cool, but it's The Bird of Paradise and the geraniums that have stolen my heart. GAH...sometimes I dream that the west coast states and BC will become a country and then I can move south! You're gonna after dish on Curtise's pretend psychic act. Is it sordid?

  15. Even the stop sign is cute!! I want to be there right now!

  16. Oooo, I love the La Costa resort. I had the opportunity to stay there for a women's retreat. I'm with you Connie, our Spanish architecture is beautiful. My family enjoys visiting our state missions too. Our favorite is Santa Barbara and San Juan Capistrano. Have you ever been to the return of the swallow celebration?

  17. Beautiful place !

  18. Lovely place.
    I am of the same opinion. the sordidest the better. I just made that word up it seems but you get the idea :)

  19. Hi Darling Connie! I'm doing better i can look at blogs, but not too long - Ah! La Californie! J'aime!
    Sordid or not it's wonderful! How cute the name of your deceased cat, poor cat btw!
    I'm commenting on the latest post as well on this post - Cool that you met Ann! Quel périple n'est ce pas!

    Maybe you will see me soon if all goes well



  20. AWWW I LOVE your bag sooo cute haha :) Im a true catwoman and I have two wild cats at home myself. Btw I was in a retro store here in Gothenburg today...I think you would have loved their stuff :)

    I wish you a wonderful week dear Connie

    LOVE maria


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