Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Purple Flowers

Spring is definitely blooming around here. Maybe it's my imagination but it seems like the first flowers to poke their noses out are the Purple Ones.


  1. Aren't the purple ones fantastic! Their color is not seen as often as other flower colors; maybe that's what makes them a little extra special. I was lucky to have some blue salvia, an annual in my growing zone, overwinter due to the very mild winter that we had, and it's now already about to bloom again!! Stuff like that can make this girl SO happy!

    Enjoy your Easter weekend!! And thank you so much for your sweet comment at my place.


  2. So beautiful flowers:) Can never get enough af spring. About sleeping at in Sweden we have a quote that says..
    Away is nice but at home is always the best:)
    Have a wonderful week(in your own bed:)

    LOVE M


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