Thursday, May 31, 2012

Look Through Any Window

Is there a window in your home that you look through more than any other?

Rear Window

Sometimes while walking down the street I like to look at the windows in the buildings and imagine brilliant things going on inside.
Once while walking down the street in New York City, I looked up at a window... only to see the actor Christopher Walken looking right back at ME!! It was a little unnerving. (Though I'm sure he's a very nice person.)
Most of the time I suppose there are just average every day things going on inside and outside the windows. I actually find that very comforting. Don't you?

As I am the chief cook and bottle washer chez moi, I spend most of my time at the kitchen window and this is what I see.

I have had better views in my life and I have had worse. This is what I have now.

Here's a cheerful old song to sing while you are looking through YOUR window.


  1. The flower is perfection.

    I like to see an amber glow from a window on a cold winter night.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful !

  3. You have such an inspiring blog! I'm a new follower via Bag and Beret! Pop by sometime!

  4. I often look at windows , i always wonder how others live, or how their house is decorated
    My favorite window is in the kitchen where i see our beautiful garden


  5. nice picture and inspiration !

  6. I always stare at other people windows too, but this could be because we Europeans are so noisy ;)


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