Sunday, September 2, 2012

Every Day Is A Holiday

Maybe it is because I just Love a Celebration. Or maybe it is because I am just too Lazy to put it all away. But I have a tendency to leave Holiday Decorations in the House All Year Round.

This Snowflake Candle lives on the Mantel even in Summer.

Halloween is my Favorite Holiday so it's Surprising that I only have a few remnants of that Day around.  A Raven on the Windowsill and a Spider on a Mirror Frame.
  St. Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day Tea Towels are in use Twelve Months out of the Year.
Twinkle Lights ALWAYS. Every Evening We Light Up the Hallway.
Somehow these Bunny Ears found their way onto this Topiary.
One can only Imagine how this New Year's Necklace ended up on the Headboard of the Bed.
Flowers Make Every Day A Holiday!
There are actually a lot more Holiday Decorations around the House but it was starting to get Ridiculous!
Meanwhile, if you're feeling Celebratory, here's a little Weezer to sing out the End of the Summer (or the Beginning! depending upon Where you are and When you're reading this.)
Happy Holidays!


  1. I love how you have little bits of celebrations around your home. The New Year's celebration necklace on the headboard? Indeed! Great post.

  2. Life is short. We should celebrate life everyday. Enjoy the long weekend!

  3. Great items! Very cute! Have a wonderful Labor day!
    Diana Marks Twitter

  4. There is a Portuguese expression that is very appropriate here although it's original meaning is slightly different "O Natal é quando um homem quiser". Christmas is when a man wants it to be - it's supposed to be about being charitable and whatnot but it can also be applied to the decorations, why not? Love the weezer video - nice looking lads and baby animals, what's there not to like?

  5. That is a terrific quote! Love it!

  6. Ha! I have valentines and technically christmas kitchen towels that I use year round! They're cute!

  7. How wonderful to live in a place of such celebration!


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