Monday, October 13, 2014

Wreck 'Em - Burn The British

What is it about Eating Breakfast Out in a Coffee Shop? 
I can make Eggs at Home.
We have a very nice Coffee Maker and a Fancy Toaster.
But We don't have one of These at our House
Wouldn't It Be Nice?
So instead of lolling around in our pj's all day we actually got dressed on a Sunday and drove to Coronado, California to have Breakfast at Clayton's Coffee Shop.
This place is so old school that they don't even have a website or a Facebook page or anything!
mmm...  pie 
This is how you can tell that we're in Southern California. Hot sauce on every table. 
Requisite Bathroom Selfie.
OK Employees. Now get in here and Wash Your Hands!
And just because I Love a dose of Local Slang, check out this list of Good Old American Luncheonette Lingo right HERE
Did you figure out what I ordered?
And now for your listening pleasure please insert a 25 cents and press D9.
*Bonus points if you know what 86 means! 


  1. Looks like the perfect breakfast to me.

  2. That's cray-cray Clay. SCRAM! One definition of 86 is "being six more than eighty."
    That is the most artful bathroom selfie ever. I must try it.
    I hope you had pie with an egg and hot sauce on the side. I'm pretty sure your pie was red.
    I love ordering breakfast out, gimme blueberry pancakes with toast and double syrup. Or chocolate ganache cake.

  3. Could a post be more American? Its exactly how I imagine you US chicks live all the time. I haven't got the faintest about what 86 means but Play That Funky Music is one of the best songs ever! x

  4. I loved eating out when I travelled to America, and the diners were fantastic! I would be very happy to join you for breakfast, Connie, although I would need you to translate... No idea about 86, I'm afraid! Love that selfie, you look like a film star trying to be inconspicuous and failing! xxx

  5. I'll take some belch water, please! OMG you just won the award for the coolest post EVER!!! I loved it :) Every time I hear Wild Cherry it reminds me of watching Soul Train on Saturday mornings. Memories.

  6. Love this post! And please tell me that you ordered a piece of pie!!!!!

  7. Breakfast tastes better when someone else makes it ... it's just one of the facts of life ;0)
    I think I'll get one of those signs for my place ... but mine will read "mmmm ... cake".
    So tell us ... what does 86 mean??

  8. I worked in restaurants for years - 86 means gone, outta here, and can be applied to either a dish ("86 the Blue Plate Special") or a difficult customer ("He was 86'ed after swearing at the bartender"). I know, I sound like Miss Know-it-all. And I am.

    What a cool diner! I love those old juke boxes. We went out for a nice breakfast (at 1:00) yesterday for my birthday. Nothing like some nice greasy eggs and sausage and hash browns!

    1. Yay!!!! Val got it. A fellow member of the hash slinger club! And fellow know-it-all.

  9. Been around too many kitchens in my lifetime-never been 86'd though ;)

    There's ZERO diner culture here-and I miss it. I make breakfast on Sunday, and I'm sure it is delicious and all-but it would be nice to have someone else cook and do the dishes. Did you get pie for breakfast, or is that just a New England thing?

  10. Why not go out for breakfast on a Sunday? That is what Sunday mornings are all about aren't they? Seeing the Juke box bought back fond memories of the old pub at Whangamata that had one in the garden bar. Us kids used to love selecting a song while our folks sat around with a few quiet ales. Snoopies Christmas was a favourite at a certain time of the year. Cool as diner you went to. Love it!!

  11. Okay now I know what 86 means. Thanks Val!

    You look like an international spy in your bathroom selfie.

    Looks like a fun place. Anywhere with pie really is a fun place in my books, although my favourite place for breakfast is a place called Pain Perdu here. OMG!!! Better croissant and pain au chocolat than what I've had in France. Thank heavens it isn't close to where we live.


  12. i want to go to america and am long overdue - gosh i miss diners!

  13. A juke box at breakfast with someone else to scramble your eggs and toast your muffin, what a great way to start the day x

  14. Wow, hot chick with a bob, travelling incognito. You should be in a Tarantino film or something. Fabulous post and you've made me decide that my boyfriend is going to have to take me out for breakfast when it is my birthday. (Yeah, that's what it takes in this house). When we went to NYC, we went in a diner. The food was amazing. I reckon you had eggs over easy and grits!! Hash browns on the side and a corn dog for dessert. Right, I've used up all my stereotypes now. Next!! Xxxxx

  15. Coronado! We used to play their high-school in our football conference! Moonlit ride on the ferry on the way over and back in the band bus ... ah the memories.
    Breakfast out is always the best, and so glad you had fun! I personally avoid anywhere here that says "home cooking" ... all fried brown stuff. Dan does breakfast for us on Sunday ( nice to have a real cook in the house) and we eat out later in the day when we get our act together!

  16. Oh Connie, take me out for Sunday breakfast! I can be ready for 9am, shouldn't take long from Scotland....! x

  17. Hm... my American is a bit rusty (been speaking mostly British lately), but doesn't 86 mean getting rid of something?

  18. I love having my breakfast out !! My favourite is cappuccino and muffin...the place where you went is perfectly American ! And I am sure you had the most delicious breakfast there!!
    I don 't know what 86 is, makes me very curious!!

  19. What a nice blog! I like your sense of humor.

  20. Love your photos, Connie! So nice to see a jukebox. Warm greetings from Montreal! :)

  21. Oooo...a jukebox! And one with Patsy Cline! My favorite hotdog place, now gone, had tableside jukeboxes. I think they were a Chicago Mafia thing, like revolving doors. BTW, I got my hair cut just like yours, ´cuz you´re so gorgeous. And I have those sunglasses. When I get to San Diego, we can be the Blues Sisters.

  22. Yessssssssssssssss a ppst coming tomorrow.
    I long to hug you too, soon, dear Connie

  23. I went and studied the slang, I did and now prefer a bowwow however I did find the 86, it makes not serving awkward people sound cool- in fact everything is cool here, jukeboxes!!! D9 is a flaming brilliant track, thank you! we had breakfast the other day, Dave got the Full English (sausage, bacon, eggs, mushroom and beans) I got me some pancakes and syrup, the sugar high was trippy haha! I LOVE your bathroom pic, you really are cool as .....(I'm sorry, I can't bring myself to use my filthy language here!) x x x

  24. Oh I am all up for breakfast out, only if it's not early in the morning please! All-day-breakfast places will do me fine. I love American diners, fun, homey, nostalgic, and always make me think of movies I watched about "little America" when I lived in Russia. Did you watch Nobody's Fool with Paul Newman? Love that movie! I had no idea what 86 means. :) I wonder how it started?

  25. Oh what a lovely slice of American life - even though I didn't know what you were talking about half the time! We have breakfast out on Sundays, coffee and a croissant when we collect the Sunday paper, but compared to yours it's a very staid affair with no music. I remember the diner breakfasts that we ate when we holidayed in America - they lasted us all day!
    Your selfie - watch out Anna Wintour!


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