Saturday, August 1, 2015

Helloooooo La La La

   HELLOOOOOOO La La La  click Here
How have you been? 
 It's been such a long time, hasn't it?????
I have been on a bit of a "Journey."
And I'm not talking about a little trip to Grandma's house. 
 It was more like a Long Uncomfortable Ride on a Bumpy Muddy Road in the Back of a Rusty Old Pick-Up Truck being Driven by a Drunk CHIMPANZEE. 
That old adage "When you've got your Health you've got Everything" is so so True. 
So.....this is where I have been spending many of my days.
I've been hanging out with Pancake my trusty nap companion.
And in addition to hours of Broad City and Seinfeld reruns I have had the time to Totally indulge my Love of La Nouvelle Vague.
"Bande a Part" - "Band of Outsiders"
No wonder I keep drawing this CARD:
 So at long last, my friends, I'm going to make another attempt to rejoin the Land O' The Bloggin'!!!!
What have YOU been up to lately?
Do Tell.


  1. ROFLOL...I was nervous about the *click*. I really didn't want a song replaying in my head all day. But Seinfeld...totally can do that. la la back atcha Connie. It's lovely to see you again...although the daybed means pain, pain, pain, and I can't stand that I can't help you! Oh, how I wish I could will it away! Thank goodness you have Pancake!!!

    As lovely as the flowers are, I'm completely stuck on your Goddess cards. These are beauties! I have some Doreen Virtue and Louise L Hay cards. Can you please share whose yours are by? I must have them!

    You know what I've been up to...I'm past the *what just happened?* phase and now looking forward to an August of relaxed fun.

  2. Hello Gorgeous! How lovely to see you back and I hope you are feeling better. You have a beautiful nap companion

  3. Hello Connie! You have been missed. But I'm glad to know you're doing better. So much has been going on at So What to Twenty, and I'm thankful you follow along on Instagram. I look forward to your post.

  4. The top of my screen abreviated your post to Snow in the Air Hell. Appropriate?
    Just looove and understand " It was more like a Long Uncomfortable Ride on a Bumpy Muddy Road in the Back of a Rusty Old Pick-Up Truck being Driven by a Drunk CHIMPANZEE. "
    Hoping this post means you are feeling a little better and not just reaching for the adrenalin!
    Welcome back :-D xo Jazzy Jack

    1. How absolutely perfect and hysterical! You always put a big smile on my face😜

  5. Been gone so much I didn't realize YOU were gone!! I'm so sorry and I hope you're better. The flower pictures are so lovely. Take good care. XXXOOO

  6. Welcome back! I hope you are feeling better Connie and enjoying summer. Take care.

  7. OK, well someone needs to grab that chimpanzee and give him a lecture about drink driving and causing our Connie so much pain. I'm sorry you've been through so much, and I hope this post means you're doing better. I've missed you.

  8. OMG, you're back! Just when I need you most! I'm sorry you had a rough time. I'm gonna take that up with St. Anthony...

  9. Connie, CONNIE!! Yes, come out and play, and if you don't feel like actually playing, we shall gladly watch you lounge about in romantic costumes in a Lazy Boy chair around which we shall gad about and entertain you and bring you fruity drinks with umbrellas and pie and then leave you for resting with French movies. So happy you have hit the keyboard.

  10. Connie's back and there's gonna be trouble, hey la, hey la...Welcome to your blogdom again. It's good to feel your presence and do hope that monkey gets out of the picture.

  11. Welcome Back Dear Connie! You have been missed. I love reading your posts :-)

  12. So lovely to see your virtual self coming up on my blog feed!!! And I'm glad you seem to be feeling a little better - you do have a lovely recovery center with your floral sheets and books and Pancake. And all those gorgeous flowers nearby to remind you that there is some beauty out there.

    So, is it all the posts about that Great Big Blogger Meet-up that inspired you to blog again? I know I'm feeling the urge again after being somewhat of an online hermit lately. There are so many fun people to play with online, and you're one of them. I look forward to seeing more of you as we both get "out" more!

  13. have been missed! I do hope that you are starting to feel a bit more like yourself. I know that blogging and feeling like crap do not really go together. Thank heavens for dogs, reruns and flowers. I hope that the pain hasn't dulled your sense of seems like it is still intact. I feel for you lady!

    Sending some warm big fuzzy hugs and healing vibes your way!


  14. Welcome back! It's been months, hasn't it? Oh, well. Never too late to play. I love "Broad City" too.

  15. While the day bed and Pancake look wonderfully comfortable I'm so glad that you are up and back in Blogland. I certainly shall not slam the door on your big 'Hallooo'. Open arms and a big hug from me!

  16. Welcome back, my dearest Connie - I've missed you!
    Hmm, that bumpy muddy road sounds grim. Thank goodness for Pancake (so adorable) and a comfy day bed. But I'm sure you're ready for something different now, and I'm delighted you feel well enough to blog again.
    Me? I'm working! Yes really - someone employed me, can you believe it?! xx

  17. Sounds like a bumpy ride and its so good to see you back.
    Pancake the the bed look like a heavenly combo. xxx

  18. Welcome back! Can't wait to see updates from you regularly!

  19. Welcome back dear Connie, you have been missed!! Your day bed looks like a grand spot to get well in and with Pancake for company too. Life has been pottering on waiting for your return.

  20. Great post
    Would you like to follow each other? I'll follow back after it.

  21. wahooo!! you´r back!!!! i really missed you!!!
    i´m glad you´r recovering!
    hugs!! xxxx

  22. Welcome back to the blogging's land, Connie!
    Pankacke seems to enjoy his relaxing holiday!! :-)

  23. Hahaha! You do make me laugh. I've got to admire you putting on a brave face too, it sounds like it's been hard, bless you. But hey, it's lovely to see you back here, and especially that lovely photo of you on the computer monitor. Welcome back Connie! Xxx


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