Saturday, June 7, 2014

Get An Ugly Girl To Marry You

"If  you want to be happy for the rest of your life.
Never make a pretty woman your wife."
Do you know this song by Jimmy Soul? It was a Big Hit in 1963. Of Course it was.
You can listen to it HERE
I come from a long line of SUPERB Housewives.
Some of them were actually very Pretty.
Generations of Spotlessly Clean Rooms,  Fabulous Homemade Dinners, Chubby Scrubbed Faces, Weed Free Gardens, Immaculate Table Manners. That is the Female Tradition in my Family. And I'm pretty certain that was the plan for me.
However, My Natural Inclination is More towards Bohemian Loft Apartments, Smoky Blues Bars and Stay-Up-Late/Cake-For-Breakfast Parenting.
So I've spent my life feeling Sad and Resentful when I'm keeping House
and Giddy but Guilty when I'm Out and About.
I'm not alone here. Am I????
Anyhoo...You are Not my Therapist. PINTEREST is my Therapist!
So here is My Take on that PIN up there.
black linen blouse ~ thrifted
cotton dirndl skirt ~ made by moi - Yes, there are pockets
orthopedic sandals ~ Ecco
I Have Cherries in My Bowl.
That sounds like a Blues Song.
Rainier Cherries. YUM! Thank you Pacific Northwest!
Close-up of my crummy sewing. I avoid button holes like I avoid parallel parking.
I wore this skirt to a party where a 9 year old girl asked me if I made it myself. I guess that pretty much sums up my feeble sewing skills...recognizable by Children!
Jonathan is my long-suffering husband.
 My Mother-in-Law gave me this charm from her bracelet. She had a charm for each of her six - yes - SIX Sons!
And now a brief tour of my soon to be painted kitchen.
toujours la francophile
My Heart is in Montana
My arteries may be clogged
Roses from the garden. Martha Stewart Living. I'm trying...
Still life tableau by the kitchen sink
Lucky Little Pig
I NEVER EVER eat Pigs. They are my Friends.
Some people inherit Money or Art or Jewelry or Property.
I inherited my Grandmother's Bakelite Handle Kitchen Utensils.
See what I mean?
"Say Man!! I saw your wife the other day! Yeah, and she's sure is Ugly-y-y-y!!!"
"Yeah, she's ugly, but she sure can Cook, Baby."

joining the fruit salad over at Mis Papelicos
retroactively joining 52-pick-me-up


  1. THIS is why I turned my computer on this morning! Thanks Connie! I'm now sporting a smile as wide as my face. I think your skirt is lovely...perhaps a jealous mother put her nine year old daughter up to THAT comment. And I hear you loud and clear about preferring to do pretty much anything over housework. Sigh. Um. Sigh. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Ha ha!

    I figure we all need a buff boy to come over and do the house chores. Then we will have more time for important stuff like making brilliant martinis for the afternoon cocktail hour and lounging about on our chaise lounge while having someone feed us cherries : )

    That pig is lucky to end up at your house. He knows he won't end up on the dinner plate.

    How is it that you are such a franophile?

    Love the skirt. And your sewing skills are far above mine.


  3. I definitely prefer your choice of bohemian apartments and cake for breakfast! You obviously got the brains AND the beauty. Love your homage to the pinterest picture. Fancy you making that amazing dirndl skirt! Told you, clever. Isn't it wonderful to be able to cut flowers from the garden? It's one of my favourite things. Imagine having six sons! One word: nightmare! Xxxxx

  4. What kind of spawn of satan child said that to you? But then of course we all KNOW that self-made beats store-bought any day. Maybe she was highly self-actualized and knew this already. That's my kind of button, unless there is velcro available. I looove that skirt - and your cherries.
    So what's the corollary of that song? Never make a handsome man your husband?...But he sure can...???
    Cake for breakfast is my favourite thing.

  5. First thing to say is that it all looks fabulous and also very tidy. The skirt and the attitude, both are winners. I come from a line of totally undomesticated women so feel rather carefree about letting dust gather. My main problem is that 'stuff' piles up. I think that it's special to inherit things like your grandmothers kitchen tools, I've got similar family pieces and I really cherish them. And those roses are beautiful!

  6. I love your very modern interpretation of the outfit. And perfect housewives do not exist, neither do perfect husbands or perfect children, and that is pretty liberating... I have two houses in two countries (only one husband...), and they're both messy...

  7. Hey good looking, what you got cooking?
    Ah Connie, my darling friend! Your life of bohemian blues and cake sounds so much more interesting than any attempts at domestic godessery. Mind you, you dress the part, look how gorgeous you are in your self-sewn dirndl, and offering us cherries with such a twinkle in your eye! I tend to the sad and resentful when I am forced into domestic servitude too, but a beautiful outfit helps to make it bearable.
    Gorgeous pics of your home, I love all the pretty details, and Grandma's utensils are wonderful. But yeah, jewellery would also have been nice... xxxxx

  8. The stay up late/cake for breakfast parenting style could be my personal motto ... and life really is too short for housework!
    I love those heirloom utensils AND your new skirt ... the button alternative is ingenious :0)

  9. So much to address here.

    Yes, I know the song. And, needless to say, my husband is blissful. I have a face like a potato.

    And I LOVE your skirt. It's perfect. It's not riding up your add, nor dragging the ground. Midi skirts are my passion.

    Men will ALWAYS choose food over sex. This is a secret that matrons know and young girls refuse to believe. I am happy you inherited your grandmother's cooking utensils. I inherited my grandmother's, too. Love you. You are NOT alone.

  10. Also, I feel the same way about pigs and do NOT eat pork. LOVE your kitchen!

  11. I never heard of the song. But you are definitely a beautiful wife to your husband. Your skirt is lovely! You are so talented. The charm from your Mother In Law is precious. Have a wonderful weekend Connie.

  12. I love it-your house-wifey photos have an edge to them in a Cindy Sherman kind of way (and I mean that as a compliment). I don't think Mrs. Pinterest is really cooking in that broom closet sized kitchen. If she stirs too vigourously she'll bang an elbow on the wall.

    I'm wondering if perhaps the young girl is learning to sew, and admired your work. It really is a beautiful skirt.

    That there is a well-designed potato masher of the type they no longer make (believe me, I've looked).
    I don't know about the rest of your house, but the kitchen sure looks spotless !

  13. I am a sloth. My mother wasn't overly big on housework but she did do it, while my grandmother had a 'cleaning lady'. Funny thing is I used to clean other peoples houses, but I think it was the fact that there was cash waiting for me on the table at the end of the task that made me enjoy it. That and not seeing it getting trashed before my very eyes like in my own home. Ok, maybe I am just plain lazy, but I am clean, just not super fussy as in home and gardens fussy! You can write in my dust but I shall give you a rag to clean it when you have finished!! Now your photo, PERFECTION!!! Lets stay up late, eat in cafes and let someone else drag the vacuum cleaner about!! Life it too short!!

  14. The skirt, the fruit the flowers, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh You are more wonderful everytime.
    thank you for being part of Share-in-Style.
    love you tons

  15. I remember that song - it's kind of a samba, isn't it? It's fun!

    You learned your lesson well. Damn! I really expected to see dirty shot glasses and overflowing ashtrays (joints, of course) in your kitchen, and certainly the evening light rather than show-every-flaw midday sunshine. Maybe that's all in your basement rumpus room.

    You look gorgeous, no matter if you're Suzy Homemaker or Sally Hipster. Your skirt is so pretty, and I love that bracelet. I'm sure it comes in handy when you can't remember his name.

  16. What a great post! No, you are not alone - I feel almost the same (less guilty already!). Though I don't have generations of perfect housewives, but my parents' home is pretty organized and taken care of compared to my chaos. :)

    The skirt is gorgeous, and I think beauty is what you definitely inherited from your folks, along with an eye for beauty! :)

    Thank you for adding to the fruit salad! Sincerely, Natalia xxx

  17. Brilliant! You look the picture of domesticity with your hand sewn frock and bowl of cherries but I can see the twinkle in your eye and I ain't believing a word of it.
    I come from a long line of slatterns - my tactic is to fill the hose with so many mad things nobody notices the dust balls & cobwebs. xxx

  18. My poor pristine Mother gave up on my lack of domestic prowess a long time ago, my cyclical domestic urges mean that so far we haven't drowned under a sea of dust - yet! you do look wonderfully domestic though and I love your skirt, I love the song too! now I need to remember the film Cher was in with that song playing in the end.....even my brain has cobwebs x x x

  19. Life is a bowl of cherries Connie. The skirt is fab and I love the faux button fastening, I'll have to remember that one. Your kitchen surfaces look pretty clean to me, the kitchen fairies did a good job. xx

  20. Cherries!!!!! Another thing I love about Oregon! Your handmade skirt is so sweet and so is the sentiment about domestic bliss:) I clean because I have too and play because I need too! In that order. Your kitchen is beautiful too!

  21. Just found your blog and have spent the past 30 minutes perusing your past posts. Love it! You have a great sense of humor which I appreciate. As Arnold would say..."I'll be baaaack."

  22. This is a great post with a little bit of family history thrown in. I fight the whole housewife thing and always have, but I am happier when I feel organize and tidy.
    What a cute skirt with pockets no less!

  23. And oh! I can't wait to see what you're inspired to sew next. I'm headed to the same store tomorrow due to a coupon I couldn't resist. Fabric for a maxi dress! Yikes!

  24. Hi! What a nice post! And I am very happy to read that you don't eat pigs...

  25. How very adorable and I love the print of the skirt

  26. I like your skirt. I think it is fun and playful.

  27. Thanks. That's so interesting you think I look like Anna Kendrick. My sister in law first said that a couple of years ago and I wasn't so sure. Since then a number of other bloggers have said the same thing so I'm guessing it must be true.

  28. Youare too cute! You definitely look the part of a beautiful housewife!! And I have the same state plate, but my heart is in Minnesota!!! I love your grandma's utensils, as well!

  29. This floral skirt is just perfect! :)

  30. Yep, I grew up in the same type of home. My mom was pretty and domestic. I had to learn domestic skills later in life. I enjoy a clean and tidy home, but I'm certain no one else in my house does. I have learned to loosen it up a bit...for my own sanity. Cute post from an adorable woman!

  31. That skirt looks pretty good to me! I love that little pig, I'm exactly the same. I can eat most things but pigs are just too friendly and lovely! X

  32. Pretty skirt. Who cares if it looks handmade? it was handmade!
    Lovely details of your charm and the kitchen stuff. :)

  33. Thank you for the good and very helpful information. It is very interesting. I love all the things you share and see your beautiful creation.


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