Sunday, February 3, 2013

Costume Design

Edith Head

Do you have a Fantasy Occupation? I have a few....Park Ranger, Stone Mason and
That is why I get so excited when the Academy Award nominations are announced. I can't wait to find out the nominees for Best Costume Design.
Sometimes while I'm watching a film I'll get so caught up in watching the Costumes that I'll hardly even notice what is going on in the story!
So here are the Oscar Nominees for 2013:

Jacqueline Durran for ANNA KARENINA.
Ms. Durran has said that her inspiration for this film was 1950's Couture meets 1870's Russia. Yes, Please!  She was also previously nominated for Atonement and Pride and Prejudice which I guess makes her Keira Knightly's official costumer. I would imagine that it is almost impossible to make
 Keira Knightly look bad.

Paco Delgado for LES MISERABLES.
This is his first nomination, however, he has two Goya Awards for Costume Design. The Goyas are the Spanish version of the Oscars.

Joanna Johnston for LINCOLN.
 This is her first nomination. But she has worked on lots and lots films. She was Assistant Costume Designer on Out of Africa. Wasn't that a beautiful movie? What a great training ground!
Mirror Mirror Stills

Eiko Ishioka for MIRROR MIRROR.
Sadly Ms. Ishioka passed away in January 2012 but she was Astounding! This is her second nomination. She Won an Academy Award for the Costumes for
 Bram Stoker's Dracula. She was quite prolific. She designed Costumes for Bjork music videos, some Costumes for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the Costumes for Cirque du Soleil: Varekai just to name a few.
She will be missed.

This is a big year for Snow White at the movies. And also a big year for Colleen Atwood.
This is her 10th Academy Award Nomination. She has already won 3 Academy Awards for:
She is the only American in the bunch. She's kind of like the Meryl Streep of Costume Designers.
She also designed the costumes for another film that came out this year, Dark Shadows. I actually thought the costumes for Dark Shadows were better than those for Snow White...but I'm a sucker for knee sox.
If you check out her resume you will notice that she has worked on quite a few Johnny Depp movies. Yep, I'd like to get Johnny Depp in for a Costume Fitting!
 The 2013 Academy Awards Ceremony will be broadcast on Sunday, February 24.
Which one of these is YOUR favorite?


  1. Whenever I watch older movies I scan the credits for Edith Head, thee icon. So many wonderful designers to choose from, I can't possibly narrow it down to one. Thanks for these visual blasts.
    In terms of other careers, I've always thought being a specialist of thatched roofing would be an excellent occupation, or a chimney sweep. You do the stone, I'll do the roof.

    1. It's a deal. You'll look great in your sooty top hat.

  2. I thank you Connie from the bottom of my heart for so nice words about inredningsvis :) I'm so glad that you are always comments on all posts. You almost feel like a friend, even if you live far away.

    You are more than welcome to do a guest post for me:)

    Have a wonderful week beautiful

    LOVE and light Maria

    1. As soon as I'm up and around I will happily do a guest post for you. Stay tuned.

  3. Dear Connie, my fantasy occupation is Fashion Editor of Vogue Mazazine. I imagine myself to be attending those Fashion shows in NYC, London, Milan and Paris, doing photo shoots, writing editorials and wearing those fabulous clothes. Imagine if you are a Costume Designers then our paths might cross professionally. I hope Ms Durran will win the Oscars for the Best Costume Designer for Anna Karenina.

  4. My fantasy occupation is Photographer Extraordinaire!

    These are all amazing - I do love the wicked queen!

    Sarah xxx

    1. You are already there, my dear. You have to pick another occupation...

  5. All the costumes you have picked to show us are exquisite, but Anna Karenina is my favourite, I think. That emerald evening dress which Keira Knightley wore in Atonement was utterly beautiful too.
    Fantasy occupations? I would say I would make an excellent professional dominatrix. I would keep a straight face and be ever so stern. Hahahaha! xxxx

  6. Bonjour Connie. Thank you for stopping by chez moi today. This was a fun post for me to read. Even though I am a HUGE movie fan, I do not know that much about costume designers, so I learned quite a bit here. I can't wait for "les Oscars," (the Academy Awards,) that's for sure... Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  7. Allo Connie!

    Comment vas-tu?
    I too love costume designing, if find myself looking at costumes when watching a movie or tv series - I knew Karenina was a strong contender but looking at all the others they could all win, such talented people!
    Awwww yes Edith Head what a designer hey!

  8. Very good ! I also love costume design. I managed to do a little project with a theatre company a few years ago back in Lisbon - all volunteer work but still a lot of fun! the unfortunate thing was that I didn't have that much freedom (someone else was sort of in charge) but it was an interesting experience. I also got to rummage the theatre wardrobe and that was awesome. I wish I could go back and take some photos!

  9. Oh, like Colleen Atwood needed another Oscar! Haha! I would love to do that for a living, as well. Shopping and looking at clothes and movie stars all day is how I imagine it would be. I'm sure it's much much much more complicated and intricate. I'm still surprised Jacqueline Durran didn't win for Atonement. That green dress is iconic!



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