Friday, February 8, 2013

Haunted Shoes

My friend, Tom, says that clothes must have an afterlife because ghosts are always seen wearing least the ghosts I've seen.

A Ghost Story: Many years back I bought a pair of Super Cute Shoes at the Salvation Army. They fit me PERFECTLY. And they were Extremely Comfortable. It was like they were made for me! They looked a lot like these shoes:
Cute, n'est-ce pas?

So I put them on and headed out the door. Footloose and Fancy Free. I loved my New Shoes. But after a very short time they started to Hurt my Feet. I mean, REALLY hurt my feet. It was almost as if they had grown SMALLER. I could hardly bear it. I started to get blisters. Then my feet started to bleed. I have never had shoes that hurt so much. I had to hobble home in my bare and bloody feet.
A friend of mine had admired them so I said, "Here. Take them! They are YOURS."
The next day she wore THE SHOES. Midway into the day she started to feel unwell and actually fainted and fell down a flight of stairs. She was, thankfully, okay but she threw THE SHOES into the back of her closet where they mysteriously disappeared....
Too bad that we didn't know about the Vintage Store Psychic.



  1. Oh my lord! Scary shoes!!!!
    The video is amazing (I'm stealing it for my facebook pagem btw). Funnily enough some people are repelled by second hand clothes because of thinking someone might have died in them or whatever. I have never felt bothered by that. Go figure!

  2. God help me, I believed everything the vintage psychic said. Especially after hearing the story about your Shoes! I guess I've been lucky so far.

  3. SPOOKY!
    Great story. I never thought of haunted clothes before - now I shall think of them always. There was a show on TV for a while called antique psychic.

  4. OMG Connie, such a great story and post. I can't believe that shoes made you sick because it was haunted. The Vintage Store Psychic is spot on! That's why for me I don't buy anything antiques and from vintage stores. I can feel the energy coming from it too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You know I said my fantasy job was a dominatrix? I've just changed my mind, I want to be a Vintage Store Psychic. No, really!
    The shoes story made me think of The Red Shoes, the Hans Christian Andersen story, and you will appreciate the film reference, of course, with your love of dance, Connie. Shoes can do that, they can turn on you when you least expect it!
    Haunted though? Nah, they just didn't fit!
    I like old clothes/shoes for the very reason that they have had previous owners and a history before me, I'm sure some of my frocks have seen great excitement and drama in their time. If only it would rub off on me... xxxxxx

  6. Haunted shoes? No! Sometimes there's good reason why fabulous footwear ends up in a charity shop, like the mega-expensive brand of boots I found for Jon before Xmas - they squeaked like a demented mouse when he wore them so back they went. x

  7. In a way I believe this lady.... and your story.
    I have heard many strange stories about items who had previous owners. They have been good and bad.
    Sometimes when I buy a vintage clothing item it just seems so MUCH more special than anything I would purhase at EX:(WALMART)
    It very well might sound stupid but vintage clothes mean more to me than regular clothes. I always wonder who had owned them and where they wore the said item to?
    "I have kind of worried about bringing a unexpected visitor home with me" But so far so good! *Sigh of relief*
    I do buy a awful lot of items that have been cherished by others before my time.
    I don't want to upset anyone. *lol* I am buying the item cause I want to cherish it myself or find a home for it by someone else who will love it just as much as the original owner did.

    I think it's good you got rid of the shoes!

    1. I know what you mean. When I finally give up my things to second hand stores I always hope that they find good homes.

  8. GREAT GHOST STORY:) I love ghost movies to..Im addicted to fear haha

    Have an awesome week dear:)

    LOVE Maria

  9. Things often mysteriously disappear in my wardrobe but I think it's got more to do with the sheer volume of clobber that it holds rather than something sinister.
    I bought a pair of Marc Jacobs shoes (second hand) a few years ago and they were murderously painful. I only wore them once and after a twenty minute walk in town I had to nip in to the charity shop and buy another pair of shoes cause I couldn't bear having them on my feet any longer.
    I'm sure the Vintage Store Psychic would have a field day if let loose in my vintage frock collection but I'm not sure I'd want to know everything...could turn out to be too scary ;)

  10. too bad they were evil as they were so cute! :)

  11. That's a good theory your friend Tom has there! What an incredible tale of haunted shoes, I love it.

    I have a friend whose specialism is exorcism. She comes from a long line of women with second sight. I love to hear her stories of her grandmother, who lived in rural northern Sweden and collected herbs for healing. xxx

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