Monday, January 11, 2016


Do you Recall your Very First Personal Fashion Moment???
My first Memory is of Overalls.
I must have been about three years old. At least I hope I was only three! I was wearing the type of Toddler Overalls that snap on the inside of the legs for quick emergency trips to the potty. The snaps were unsnapped, the pant legs were flapping around and I started twirling around singing, "I'm wearing a dress." My First Fashion Moment. Tra La.
Well, the fashion neurons in my brain must have imprinted on those overalls because I have owned and worn some form of bib overalls practically every decade of my life.
Meanwhile it is finally RAINING in SoCal!!!
El Nino ha llegado. YIPPEE!!!!

We're hunkered down doing inside rainy day things like
packing up holiday ornaments
baking cookies
and searching for new knitting projects
How gorgeous is Daphne Selfe in this Rowan knitting book?
striped turtleneck ~ Anthro
overalls ~ vintage 1990's from enidandedgar Etsy shop
Calgary slip on clogs ~ Vionic
Soooo....My Friends. What was YOUR Very First Fashion Memory?????
Do Tell.
meanwhile I'm linking up with the Super Smart Patti at Visible Monday

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Fashion Rosebud.
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