Thursday, February 13, 2014

Think Pink

The Azaleas are in Bloom!!!
You know, I always say that I don't like Pink but when I decided to buy myself a New Dress for my Birthday I chose a Pink Dress!
dress ~ Garnet Hill
faux leather belt ~ from some long forgotten shop
 vintage sensible shoes ~ Hush Puppies
What??? Is it an Older Lady Thing??
I don't own any other pink clothing. Just this.
Hmmmm....what else do I have that's Pink???
Oh Yeah. My Fitness Ball.
What's that you say Ball? You want to Play???
OK. I still not bouncing around at 100% but I can do This.
And This.
Have you ever seen this film?
Oh You Really MUST. It's So Good!!!!
Watch HERE for a fun clip from the movie.
a bit o' trivia: the woman singing Think Pink in this clip is Kay Thompson who wrote the Eloise series.
I Love Love Love Eloise, Don't You?
This entire post was inspired by Anne M Bray's 52 Pick-Me-Up: IN THE PINK?
Thank You To All You Fashion Bloggers Out There Who Inspire Me To Get Dressed In The Morning Instead Of Spending The Day In My PJs

Also joining the Party at Patti's Visible Monday

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Absolutely Amazing Anne M Bray

I was feeling kinda gunky cuz I had a Big Birthday coming up. Gulp! 
Then This Popped Up!!!!! 
What A Wonderful Surprise.
This has made me feel YEARS younger. It really has!!!

I've Been Immortalized by the Magnificently Talented Anne M Bray!!!!!!
I Mean, Look At That Fabric!!!
Spot On!!!!!
Anne!!!!! You Are AMAZING!!!! 
Thank You Spy Girl

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Three Things...And Then Some

Every day I try  to make note of three things that make me happy to be a human being. Some days it's a bit difficult but most of the time I can spot WAY MORE than three things.
Here are Some Things that have been keeping me afloat:

Check out my Side Bar over There. Curtise is my designated match maker!!!!

Dolce and Gabbana's Spring 2014 Fashion Show.
I would wear absolutely EVERYTHING in this show, even the see-through things. Hear that D&G? Throw me a bone. Mi gettare un osso, per favore!

Watch it HERE
Turn up your sound. The music is very nice!
York Pieces. I am addicted!

I love the sad beautiful faces in these 1940's mug shots of women prisoners at the San Diego Police Headquarters Jail Museum.

Oh, poor little Jackie Todd. What went wrong to send you here with these guys?
 Things were tough in the 1940's. York Pieces hadn't yet been invented!
Check out more about this museum HERE and HERE on my friend Lori's awesome blog OBSERVATIONS.
And the Amazing Sacramento of Mis Papelicos listed me as one of her stylish friends.
That's like having Meryl Streep put you on her favorite actor list!
Thank you so much!!!
So....What are YOUR Favorite Things These Days???
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