Saturday, November 30, 2013

I Need The Eggs

December 1 is Woody Allen's Birthday. He will be 78 years old.
I know that general feelings about Allen Konigsberg are mixed. But I love him. I Lurve Him! I really do. I dream about him frequently (What would Freud say?) I have groupie stalkered my way to Michael's Pub to see him play the clarinet with his jazz band. I am first in line when a new Woody Allen film comes out. I once saw him on the street in New York City and my heart started pounding so hard that I felt light-headed.
So in honor of his genius, here is a very abbreviated random slide show of just some of his many brilliant films. He makes a new film just about every year. Amazing!  
This is actually a Quiz! See how many titles you can name based on the pictures. The answers are at the bottom. Good Luck!
Answers:   1. Bananas  2. Play It Again, Sam  3. Annie Hall  4. Blue Jasmine  5. New York Stories  6. Sleeper  7. Broadway Danny Rose  8. Bullets Over Broadway  9. Love And Death 
10. Sweet And Lowdown  11. Midnight In Paris  12. Take The Money And Run
13.  Vicky Cristina Barcelona  14. Zelig
So....How Did You Do On The Quiz???
If you did well then.. Congratulations! You will be happy to know that he is currently filming "Magic in the Moonlight" in the South of France starring Colin Firth. Colin Firth!!! Oh, be still my heart.
Happy Birthday, Wood Man.
Note: all photos via Pinterest

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Pamplemousse. The French word for Grapefruit.
 I just love that word. And Now I Have Reason To Love It Even More. Here's Why:

 It Smells like Teen Spirit.
 No actually it Smells just like GRAPEFRUIT.
I recently read that if you Smell Like Grapefuit, you will be perceived as younger than you are.
You can read about it HERE.
Since I am not really a Plastic Surgery Type of Girl I say,
"Sign Me Up for Grapefruit!!!!!"
Mistral ~~ fresh

I sniffed a lot of Grapefruity scents until I finally narrowed it down to these two.
I am quite convinced that I Smell quite Young and Fruity.
I haven't done any proper research but I am proud to say that I haven't been offered a senior citizen discount in Weeks!
And in the process of all this Citrus smelling I have become quite enamored of that Pinky Grapefruit Color!
So when I finally decided to Buy My First Pair Of NEW SHOES In Almost THREE YEARS I didn't go for a pair of fancy Manolos. Nope. I bought some Pink Grapefruit colored Vans.
This smell business must be working on ME because this Style of Shoes is quite Young. I was By Far the Oldest Person in the Vans store....but my SMELL didn't give me away!
Jeans -Target
Smock - Eileen Fisher, purchased with my employee discount from 4 years ago
T-shirt - who cares?
Shoes - Vans
Circle Pin - Gift from my Mother-in-Law
Purple Bandaid on my arm - Flu Shot - OUCH!

What Do YOU Smell Like?????
Linking up with Patti and her fancy pants party for Visible Monday

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