Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Keeping Up Appearances

Oh My Gosh.
I have fallen off the map lately.
My apologies to my bloggy friends for my absence. I'm still here.
So let's see....where was I???

San Clemente longboard surfers circa 1940's
Not too long ago I decided to channel my inner Hyacinth Bucket and take my poor hapless Richard, I mean, JON on a day trip up the coast to a nearby Stately Home.
I got all dressed up in my favorite Anthropologie polka dots, assumed my bossiest persona, forced the dog and the husband into the car and set off up the coast to Casa Romantica in San Clemente, California.
the main hall
Well, it turns out that Casa Romantica is not so much a stately home as a lovely old, rather large stucco house that was built in the 1920's.
My camera battery died not long after we arrived but I still managed a few shots.
The tile work blew my mind.
So here I present to you: TILE.

The view of the Pacific from the main house was indeed Romantica.
This is a painting on tile of the Grumpy Old Matriarch of the Casa.
Or perhaps this is the Queen Grump?
In my defense, I was trying to look coy. But I've discovered that as I age, what used to be a sexy sultry look now translates as "Get Off My Lawn!"

cliché Instagram toe photo of street tile depicting Casa Romantica

So, Kids, where have your feet been lately??

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