Friday, March 18, 2016

Kickin' It Grandma Style

The Granny Alphabet by Lawrence Mynott

The Granny Alphabet by Tim Walker and Kit Hesketh-Harvey


HEY! You are all so wonderful! I just LOVED reading your comments about your first fashion memories. If you haven't had a chance to read them yet you really should go to my last blog post and check them out. Interestingly most of them had to do with either denim or hand-me-downs.
The beautiful Rosemary of Miss Cellany talked on her blog about her adorable Smocked Dress and how this style has followed her throughout  her life.
And of course there is Curtise's famous Chicken Dress!!

So....let us now flip to the other end of the calendar of life.

I am not a Grandma. But at 62 I am certainly old enough to be one. I get the senior citizen discount at the pharmacy and the movie theatre. I buy purple shampoo. And cute young guys approach me not to flirt but to help me carry heavy packages. 
But I don't mind...much.
Maybe because I was fortunate enough to know my grandmothers and they were both pretty great, I have always adored good old fashioned Granny Style. I've kind of been dressing like a grandma ever since I was a teenager.
*my friends and family are all rolling their eyes and nodding their heads YES right now*
 I love orthopedic shoes with socks. I love flowered rayon dresses. I love pilled cardigan sweaters with wadded up Kleenex in the pockets. I love purses stuffed with almost-used-up tubes of  lipstick, tins of mints, torn ticket stubs and battered pet photos. I like chipped nail polish and too much rouge and bobby pins and reading glasses on chains.
And NOW I'm finally old enough to rock this style Authentically.

flowered rayon dress I've owned since the 1980's
gray cashmere sweater ~  also mine since the 1980's
piles of bead bracelets from various decades
brand new! ankle socks
super comfy orthopedic sandals ~ Naturalizer
tea cup and saucer ~ a gift from my Grandma Worthington
grey hair ~ Mother Nature

And now the GIVEAWAY part.

THE GRANNY ALPHABET is the most adorable two part book.
It is one of my very favorite picture books and I want to share it with you.
One book is full of photographs of Grannies by the Amazing Tim Walker.
The other book is full of charming Grandma drawings by the equally Amazing Lawrence Mynott.
 My one and only criticism is that it is lacking in diversity. But Tim Walker has said that this book was an homage to "the little old ladies who live down the lane" and I honestly believe that just about everybody will recognize a favorite Nana in these books.
Here's a teeny weeny sample:

#hot harridan reading ~ Thanks for that, Melanie :-)

So.... if you would like to have these books for your very own let me know in the Comments section and in mid-April I will pick one name out of my old straw granny hat.
Good Luck, Kids!!!!

I'll be kickin' it at Patti's Visible Monday. Meet me there.

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