Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I mean, I can't even!!!

Okay. It's official. I am wearing my pajamas ALL THE TIME these days.
It has been so so hot this year that loose and breezy is the only way to go.
Also, my waistline disappeared awhile ago. I have been looking for it in donut shops and brew pubs all over town but it simply cannot be located! Another reason to go for the loose look.
I mean, I can't even!

I had this plan to actually venture out of my yard to take a few photos out in the Real World.  But as soon as I set up my tripod in the park I noticed that there was a punky kid on a skateboard skating back in forth in front of me just sorta checking me out. I feel like an idiot taking photos of myself already so I really didn't need an audience. Then I noticed that he was wearing a Trump for President t-shirt! Yikes!!!
I packed everything up and skedaddled on home. It was truly terrifying.
I can't even explain to those of you who don't live in the United States right now the level of anxiety that is floating in the air.

Alas. Here I am Back in the safety of my old backyard. Wheh! That was a close one.
I'll be hanging out here until November.

Both the white linen blouse up top and the faux Liberty night-gowny maxi dress are made by me
from Kwik Sew pattern 3065. No zippers, no button holes, no sweat. Easy Peasy. I added pockets OF COURSE.
My sash was purchased from the Putumayo store on Columbus Avenue in NYC in the 1980's. I loved that store. I shopped there all the time. I wish I'd kept more of my things from there. Yes, Seinfeldians. It was a REAL store.
Isn't it amazing when you can actually shop for vintage in your own closet???
I mean, I can't even.

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