Monday, August 27, 2012

Re - Liebed

This is Vivienne from Thrifted Shift and her dog Lucy. Aren't they cute???!!
If there were more People in the World like Vivienne, the World would be a Much Better Place. And that is the TRUTH!!!! If you read her blog, and you should, you will agree with me 100%!!

Vivienne has ever so sweetly nominated me for a Liebster Award. As an award nominee I am  required to answer the questions that Vivienne has put forth. So here we go....

1.  10 x 10 = __ + 36
      Wait! I was told there would be no math.
2.  "Twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe." Discuss.
     Yes, twas very brillig.
3.  What is your favorite outdoor activity?
4.  Define irony.
     If you press a heavy crease into your trousers they will look too IRONY.
5.  Favorite junk food.
     Pretzels dipped in vanilla frosting. Yum!
6.  Water or wine? Choose and defend.
      Yes, please.  I said, "Yes, More of Both Please!!"
7.  Is Puget Sound saltwater or freshwater?
8.  Do you like Tetris?
     What is Tetris?
9.  If you just made yourself the perfect sandwich, set it on the table, got yourself a beverage, and you came back to an empty plate and a very happy looking dog, would you be mad?
     Of course not!
10. What's under you bed?
      Dust phoofies, shoes and a very happy dog.
11. Why do "flammable" and "inflammable" mean the same thing?
       Ummmmm.... uhhhh....This test is REALLY HARD!

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Robert Doisneau
Thank you ever so much, Vivienne. YOU ARE A DOLL!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


I was doing my daily morning yoga stretches when suddenly something POPPED!!! Ouch!

This is Pancake demonstrating the Downward Dog that caused the Pop.
My back has been acting funny for a long time but I just figured it was Age and Life. Sigh..
Well, it probably IS Age but I think it's also something else.
So I have consulted the Experts.
The Experts
And as I wait for my insurance to authorize some tests!!!!! Augh!!
 I am taking my Medicine.
And Knitting a Sweater
And Painting my Toenails
And reading A LOT.
These September Issues are INSANE!!
VOGUE. Are you KIDDING ME??!!!!
But on the UP SIDE!
I have been nominated for two more Liebster Awards.
And the other from Melanie of Bag and a Beret.
MERCI BEAUCOUP YOU TWO. The Northwest RULES! I am feeling the Lieb.
And I will fulfill my Liebster duties very soon. I promise.

 to be continued.....

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Little Bit About Henriette

These are two of the Favorite Books that live in the Kids' Bookcase.

Two Charming Authors, Robert Louis Stevenson and A.A. Milne
Illustrated by One of My Favorite Artists
Henriette Willebeek Le Mair.

So here are a few tidbits about Henriette:
She was born in Rotterdam, Holland in 1889.
Her family encouraged creativity. She published her first book when she was just 15 years old.
She ran a Nursery School out of her home so she had plenty of opportunities to observe children.
When she married H.P. Baron van Tuyall van Serooskerken (oh I love those Dutch names!) in 1920, they became followers of Inayat Khan and converted to Sufism. At this time she adopted the name SAIDA. I looked it up in the baby name book. It means "blessed, joyful." So you will see the full Henriette on older illustrations and Saida on the newer ones.
She stopped making art for the last 20 years of her life (she died in 1966) but she and her husband devoted their final years to helping the poor.

So here's a Joyful Sampling of Henriette/Saida from these little books.

How do you like to go up in a swing,
Up in the air so blue?
Oh, I think it is the pleasantest thing
Ever a child can do!
Robert Louis Stevenson

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rocket Fizz

If given the choice between a Bakery or a Candy Shop, I will almost Always Choose the Bakery.
Then I met Rocket Fizz.

Have you ever been to Rocket Fizz?

It is a Crazy Candy Store

And a Nutty Soda Shop

With Fun Vintage Signs and Posters

Oh, My Beloved English Candy!
I spent a semester in London when I was in College.
The English Experience was Successful in Broadening my Cultural Horizons.
The English Candy was Successful in Broadening my Backside.

I'm pretty certain that it was the NikLNips and Candy Cigarettes that pulled me into this shop.

When I was a little girl I couldn't WAIT until I was old enough to Smoke and Drink Beer.
Yeah, Baby. I was Hard Core. I could polish off a couple o' packs of Candy Cigs a Day!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Meine Kleine Liebster


Right before I left on my vacation I received a lovely gift from the adorable Pamela of The Style and Travel Journals.
She nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award!
I still can't even believe that anyone actually reads my silly little shblog. And that someone as sophisticated as Pamela would consider mine award worthy... well...I am humbled.

So here's why I Love The Style and Travel Journals:

Pamela does indeed Travel. Her Photography is Beautiful.

She has an Enormous Amount of Style.

Her Reporting is Very Thorough and So Very Interesting.
She has a Real Appreciation for the Finer Things in Life.

 Plus She is an All Around SWEETIE PIE.


note: all color photos courtesy of the awesome The Style and Travel Journals
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