About Me

Hi I'm Connie, a World Travelling, Vintage Loving, Cookie Baking, Garden Dancing, Francophile with Bohemian Tendencies.
I was born and raised in Montana but I'm currently living in Southern California by way of London, Paris, Seattle, San Francisco and New York.
My two Children are Perfect. My Husband is a Genius. My Dog is an Intellectual.
Just Trying to Make the World a Sweeter Place...


  1. I am glad to be you Connie! But I am sorry you left New York!
    You do in fact, make my cyberworld a sweeter place.
    Gosh I am so over due to update my about me.
    XX, Elle

  2. i meant meet you.. oops, those old eyes, can't see to well.
    xx, Elle

  3. Connie, I just adore your profile photo.
    Anna's Island Style

  4. Hi Connie,

    I was very pleased to meet someone in the blogosphere who is the exact same age!

    I love your blog and really enjoyed the previous post about the 1970s (and granola) which I could really relate to as I remember it all so well.

    The tiles are magnificent and the whole house looks wonderful. It also looks as if it would be very cool to live there with the open terrace and the tiled floors everywhere. My favourite tile is the 'Grumpy Matriarch'. She really does look forbidding!

    Have a lovely week



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