Tuesday, October 8, 2013

All The World Is Love

Alfred Eisenstaedt's "Parisian Children Riding a Merry Go Round In a Playground"
What is the name of that affliction from which I suffer?
All one has to do is mention a Word or a Phrase and suddenly I'm Singing a Song.
It's more than an Earworm.
It's actually quite pleasant...for me anyway. I'm sure it drives everyone near me cray cray..
 I choose from the playlist in my brain and sing the song around and around and around in my head until another song comes along.
Does that ever happen to you?
Please tell me that it does.
Really. I'm not insane. My mother had me tested. Click here
Click Here to Look & Listen
All that the adorable Jane from Flight Platform Living had to do was mention Carousel and I started singing along with the Hollies. Round and round and round and round.... 
And since I'm feeling rather 60's and the temperatures are in the 80's
This is what I'm wearing:
1960's model pose
 1960's model pose

Made from this pattern. Copyright 1963.
Fabric purchased here
Turquoise earrings from a hippie store in Ventura, California
Orthopedic sandals by Easy Spirit
Prescription sunglasses by Marc Jacobs
Riding along on the CAROUSEL at Shiny T Tuesday.
See how I did that?
 I'm also Showing My Style for Canadian Thanksgiving with the Belle Ariane at

Thursday, October 3, 2013

By the Time I Got To Woodstock

There is this Moment in your Life when Real Events that You have Actually Experienced start to show up in History Books.
It is very strange and surreal when this happens and it makes you feel very important yet very old.
One of my husband's coworkers asked if her nephew could interview him for a history project.
They are studying the 1960's in history class and this kid was doing his report on The Woodstock Music Festival.
And my husband went to Woodstock. Yep. The actual Woodstock. His favorite band was Ten Years After. He and his friends brought sandwiches from home. They slept in the mud. Isn't that cute?
Here's his ticket as proof:
There was so much chaos that the organizers just stopped collecting tickets!
My husband is a teensy bit older than I am. I was too young too attend on my own and too old to be one of those cute kids that went with their parents...not that my parents would EVER go to Woodstock. Plus I lived on the other side of the country. And I didn't even know it existed until the movie came out. I loved the Woodstock movie. Have you seen it?  My favorite part of the film is when Canned Heat performs. Here's a little clip that I think you might enjoy. Click Here

Somewhere out there is my future husband

My husband doesn't have any pictures of himself and his friends at Woodstock. Unlike kids today, in the 1960's we didn't carry cameras or phones around with us everywhere. We just lived life for the moment, Baby...mostly undocumented.
But if you do like to look at photos of the 1960's you might enjoy the book "Hippie" by Barry Miles. The kids and I gave it to my husband a couple of years ago just to remind him of how super groovy he was...IS.
As I mentioned, I did not attend Woodstock. But if I had, I would like to have worn something like this:
Once again made from this pattern. Long this time.
Communing with Nature.
Groovin on the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
Grazin in the Grass. It's a Gas. Baby can you Dig It?
Granny Dress made by Me
 Peace Sign Earrings from Sundance
Ivy Wreath and Butterfly from Micheal's
 I tried to take a picture of a real Butterfly but I wasn't fast enough. They are just so ELUSIVE!
Hooking up with Janey and the Insects at Shiny T Tuesday.
 Also hooking up with Patti and the Gals at Visible Monday
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