Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I mean, I can't even!!!

Okay. It's official. I am wearing my pajamas ALL THE TIME these days.
It has been so so hot this year that loose and breezy is the only way to go.
Also, my waistline disappeared awhile ago. I have been looking for it in donut shops and brew pubs all over town but it simply cannot be located! Another reason to go for the loose look.
I mean, I can't even!

I had this plan to actually venture out of my yard to take a few photos out in the Real World.  But as soon as I set up my tripod in the park I noticed that there was a punky kid on a skateboard skating back in forth in front of me just sorta checking me out. I feel like an idiot taking photos of myself already so I really didn't need an audience. Then I noticed that he was wearing a Trump for President t-shirt! Yikes!!!
I packed everything up and skedaddled on home. It was truly terrifying.
I can't even explain to those of you who don't live in the United States right now the level of anxiety that is floating in the air.

Alas. Here I am Back in the safety of my old backyard. Wheh! That was a close one.
I'll be hanging out here until November.

Both the white linen blouse up top and the faux Liberty night-gowny maxi dress are made by me
from Kwik Sew pattern 3065. No zippers, no button holes, no sweat. Easy Peasy. I added pockets OF COURSE.
My sash was purchased from the Putumayo store on Columbus Avenue in NYC in the 1980's. I loved that store. I shopped there all the time. I wish I'd kept more of my things from there. Yes, Seinfeldians. It was a REAL store.
Isn't it amazing when you can actually shop for vintage in your own closet???
I mean, I can't even.


  1. Lovely photos, Connie, and I really love your outfits! I prefer loose fitting clothing as well. I used to be able to wear regular jeans, but since I have been wearing the stretch jeans, I can't go back to the regular ones! The stretch ones are so comfortable and I can move freely, and when I sit down they don't hurt like the regular ones do. You have great taste, and you look beautiful! :)

    1. Thanks, Linda. I agree. Stretch jeans are a very good invention!

  2. Trump for President - I'd be terrified too! Love your cool maxi dress and love me the comfort of my pyjamas too. If you happen to find your waist anywhere, can you see if mine is there as well?

  3. Yes! We must find our missing middles!

  4. It was bad enough here after the Brexit debacle. I can't imagine what it's like for you. The prospect of that odious halfwit becoming president is truly terrifying.
    You and your garden look utterly beautiful. Sod the missing waist, beer and doughnuts beat a skinny middle into a cocked hat.
    I'm going to hunt down one of those patterns. xxx

  5. Don't worry Connie, we've just slipped into an alternate universe. Or a virtual reality scenario, or a very bad zombie movie, or the end of the world, or omg let's not talk about it - the waistline issue. Then there's Trump. full stop.
    How about that sewing? Look at you, with those cool and breezy ensembles hand sewn by you. And what about that petit fleur on the blue floral number? Did you sew that on? It is fantastico. And so is your tropical paradise garden. Why would you want to leave it?

    1. Things are getting real. We must continue sewing!!

  6. So nice to see you Connie! PJs outdoors are all the rage.

    I cannot believe a kid was wearing a Trump tee. Maybe it was a joke? I think the entire world is looking on in disbelief as to how far he has come despite all the BS he does and says regularly. It is like watching really bad reality TV. I'm hopeful though that Americans will do the right thing. Finger crossed!


    1. You know, you think the US is a nice enough country and then THIS happens. I don't even know any more. Scary.

  7. YOU and your backyard and your outfits are all beautiful --- don't let the punks keep you away Mighty Connie!!!! Won't he look foolish in his t-shirt when SHE wins the election (I am hoping for a landslide).

    1. Me, too. Fingers and toes crossed. And also knees becuz of trump.

  8. The Trump for president would have scared me away too. I can't believe the state our country is in, Connie. Is this really happening? It's like we're living in a nightmare.

    1. I know, my friend. We have to stick together.

  9. Connie

    It's lovely to hear from you - I thought you had disappeared forever!

    I don't blame you for skedaddling when you saw the youth with a Trump t shirt - I would have run, too. We are watching the Trump thing with increasing horror and dismay here - he can't win - can he?

    Anyway, leaving aside that upsetting idea you look fabulous in your loose and comfortable garments - as cool as a cucumber. I, too, have lost my waist and I can't find it anywhere...it just seems to happen to many of us older women. I can manage perfectly well without it so I'm not to bothered. I'm sure you're not either!

    Have a lovely week - the flowers in your garden are looking gorgeous.


    1. I do think about giving it up sometimes but something keeps pulling me back.....something like my lovely fellow bloggers!!!

  10. I LOVE that first outfit! Those pants! THOSE PANTS!!

  11. I find it bizarre that people are considering voting for that idiot- it is truly remarkably disturbing!
    You look fab and funky and COOL! No matter where you take the photos!
    Delightful to hear from you!xx

  12. You look great Connie. Your pajamas look so cool and wearing them so comfortable. Your dress is lovely too. Yes, I feel the anxiety too. I worry too about the outcome of the US Presidential Elections. I am praying for Hilliary to win despite her flaws. Trump and his supporters are terrifying.

    1. I saw on Twitter that you watched the debate. Thanks for thinking of us. We need a LOT of prayers.

  13. Americans are not the only ones who are anxious about the forthcoming US Presidential FINALE (It seems to have been going on for a very long time).
    Pyjamas! I say, wear them, enjoy them, Connie. I love the photos of your garden. xx


    1. Crazy times for the entire world, I'm afraid. Thank you so much for checking in!

  14. I know exactly what you mean about the anxiety and tension. Brexit has created a political civil war. It's Us and Them and ne'er the twain shall meet. I still can't believe than man could win...could he? He's even more dangerous than that monkey from Texas was...oops. Oh, it's all too much. You're right, we have to keep sewing and gardening and baking cakes. Talking of missing middles, I think there's a maniac on the loose. I've checked and mine has gone too! It appears to have been replaced by Buddha's belly. Maybe that's a lead?! Anyway don't think I haven't noticed you looking gorgeous. I reckon Trump Jugend was just checking you out! I love your pyjama look with that perfect top and I see you've very cleverly extended it into a dress. Top work, Snow! 😘

    1. Trump Jugend. That is perfect. What the heck is going on out there? So we sew sew sew bake bake bake garden garden garden toss back a few and nervously laugh. I truly believe, though, that good will prevail.

  15. Yeah, step awa-a-ay from the Trumpster. Slowly. Don't turn your back on him...

    You look amazing, sweetheart, and if I looked that good in pajamas I would join you. In fact, I would like to join you in that search for your waistline and maybe we'll find mine, too.

    1. Connie/Linda honey. How are you??? I owe you a letter!!!

  16. This is the best grubby post I have ever seen! Hahaha. Your missing middle reminds me of your election - there's a head and a crotch and not much in between. Why is that? I'll hit the doughnut shops here to make sure your waistline didn't become an illegal immigrant. If I find it I'll have it deported by my special forces.

    I adore your clothing! I adore your talent. No buttons or zippers, excellent. The fabric is gorgeous. Of course when your PJs are that great, you don't want to remove them. And don't be afraid of that punk - just make sure you wear your athletic cup when you go out next time. Eeeeew!!!!!! I can't even!!!!

    1. Oh yes. I must check out the Canadian doughnut shops. Meet me by the crullers!

  17. I'm disgusted beyond words at what I'm seeing/hearing from people. I don't think this will all resolve itself the day after the election if Clinton wins because there are too many angry people looking for someone to blame.

    Great pants, and the dress is beautiful too. If you find your middle, keep an eye out for mine, would you?

    1. It's so difficult for me to keep my cool around my trump loving neighbors. They know my beliefs and I have already been disinvited to the neighborhood holiday party. I don't really care about that so much as what it represents. I saw my first Ivanka Trump brand blouse at a second hand store. Yes? Get rid of that garbage!

  18. No one looks cooler in PJ's than you. Love the dress, that you MADE!!
    Me, no can do.
    I hear you and I feel you, loose clothes, ( going to be summer here tomorrow, 87 degrees in NYC!) and the political scene.
    I can't Even. Yes, that it is.Thank you for saying that.
    xx, Elle

    1. Actually, I think I have seen you in your PJs and you look gorgeous!

  19. Connie, you look so beautiful in this flowy dress! And you made it yourself too - bravo, bravo! I love how you added a sash to it. Ta-daa! The lost waistline is found!! :)

    You are so brave going out with a tripod and trying to take photos in the real world. I don't think I could do it, honestly! I am mostly OK when Justin takes photos of me, but even with him I sometimes feel shy. So much comfier in my own yard, even though it isn't half as pretty as yours!

    1. Natalia! I am always so happy and honored to hear from you! Xxoo

  20. How amazing is your back yard with its wood nymph/fairy in it. And bare feet too! My kind of person!!
    Summer sees me in loose clothing or bare legs...but with long sleeves to counteract Aussie sun.
    I am terrified of the way the world is so terrified and therefore voting in morons who promise "solutions" to non existant problems. We have it over here too. Almost feels like a gut reaction to the internet and being fed media all day and night. I'm full up...quick shut down the borders...lets vote for that guy!
    Am I making sense? Anyway, our thoughts are with you in your beautiful back yard.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. It's true. People are terrified. I blame our mediocre educational system and its long suffering poorly paid teachers. Kudos to you for your home schooling efforts! Hey, bare feet, Baby. When you can do it, do it!!!

  21. Cricky, Connie, is the '80's VINTAGE!

    Watching the news from America each day with ever deepening depression. Unbelievable that such a great country gets so little choice.

    1. Rosemary, my Love, those of us here in the States with at least a modicom of brains are doing our very best to keep the world from complete annihilation. Meanwhile, the 80's. Minus the shoulder pads and the hair gel it was a pretty good era.

    2. I do miss the 80s,and the 90s for that matter

  22. how could i miss this cute post!!! <3 <3 <3
    today you go to vote - i fear to read the morning news......
    love your sweet sewings - totally my cup of tea. and if hubby would´t dragging me out of the yard - i´d stayed at home forever! i can totally understand you!
    huge hugs! xxxxxx

  23. Oh Connie, how did I miss this post , not paying attention I guess.
    I have a news broadcast of your election results as I type , at this stage it is really tight. I really hope for all in the U.S. as well as the rest of the world it is a Hilary victory.Wishing you well Connie.

  24. Dearest Connie, you must be in shock - we are over here in the UK. I watched the news unfold on Wednesday morning and really couldn't take it in. How very sad that so many people got it wrong.
    I love the photo of you in your PJ's although I'm sure they're not really, are they? The dress and sash is very cute too. Wish I could zip across and give you a big hug my lovely xxxx

  25. Hello lovely lady. Just popping in to see how you are after the election result!

  26. If its too hot for you, I'm going to come and visit because its cold here and I need some heat and sun!! Sounds like heaven. You are too cute, wearing pj's all day is so much fun!! xx <3

  27. Oh my darling Connie, if you couldn't even BEFORE the election result, I can't imagine how you're feeling now... Have you taken to your bed in your pyjamas? For good? Un-fucking-believable. (Sorry for swearing but needs must...)
    Still, you look as beautiful as ever, so that has cheered me up. You sew so good! xxx

  28. Dear Connie, It's a New Year (I know, I know!) but where are you? I'm missing you. Hope all within your own four walls is fine, even though the world seems to be going to hell in a handcart.

  29. hello dear connie!!!
    very surprised to hear from you via my blog! i did miss you very much!
    as i clicked you name to be sure that its you i landed at the blogger page where i discovered your therapeutic blog...... and i did read. and i totally understand why you dumped that therapist!!! i would too.
    and now i have a clue how you feel with your illness - i have very loose joints too. had - i must say. now they start to get stiff, with pain of cause. maybe i´m lucky that my body builds up muscles like a male one - so it still works for me.......
    since i saw the "snow" in your name i felt somewhat connected - if that sounds creepy - forgive me!
    much love to you!!
    beate - the railroad keeper

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  32. there's a head and a crotch and not much in between. Why is that? I'll hit the doughnut shops here to make sure your waistline didn't become an illegal immigrant. If I find it I'll have it deported by my special forces.


  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

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