Sunday, December 13, 2015

my dottie angel frock


You know who dottie angel is, don't you? She lives over at mossy shed and has the most beautiful crafty life. Here's a little video to introduce you: Click HERE Please
I have been looking for a frame idea to create the turquoise bead chandelier, this could work!  Faux chandelier made from lampshade innards:
THE Tif Fussell
I've admired Tif Fussell for an awfully long time. You can find her on Instagram @dottieangel. So when I found out that she had created a pattern of her famous dottie angel frock for Simplicity Patterns, I was first in line. In fact, this may be one of the few sewing patterns that I've bought lately for which I actually paid full price. That is how much I love this girl!
the frock

the pattern

a  classic dottie angel pose
dress ~ made by me
neck-hiding turtle neck ~ J Crew
leggings ~ Capezio
orthopedic clogs ~ Yes!!! Effing ORTHOPEDIC CLOGS! ~ Merrell

This project was lots of fun and very easy to make. I used some plaid that I found in the discount bin. I think it may have been school uniform fabric which makes me very happy.
And I recycled the plaid for the pockets and tie from THIS dress.
I raised the neckline both front and back and replaced dottie angel's adorable apron pockets with plain old square connie snow pockets.
That's what I like about this pattern, it is super simple to personalize.
my ever increasing backside all tied up with a bow!
ah..the joys of middle age
And speaking of things that I Love,
because I subscribe to the New York Times,
I received a Google Cardboard NYT/VR.
Virtual Reality. My Favorite Kind of Reality These Days. Click HERE for the details.
I am completely Bonkers over this thing. It is Exquisitely Trippy.
 In fact, sometimes I actually trip while looking at it.
 Wish I could let you in on it but you'll just have to either come over to my house or get your own.
Thank you New York Times and Google.

Well....I think that is Quite Enough of moi en plaid for one day.
I'm heading over to Patti's Visible Monday to see what the kids are up to over there.
And even though this has nothing to do with Anne's 52 Pick-me-up prompt of green acorn I'm going to visit her as well just cuz I like her so darn much.
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