Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy New Year 2014!!!

"Study the past if you would define the future."
"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."
Soren Kierkegaard
"It has shown that everything is illuminated in the light of the past. It is always along the side of us...on the inside, looking out."
Jonathan Safran Foer
"What's past is prologue."
        William Shakespeare
"Could you please hold my drink while I go to the ladies' room? I'll be right back."
Connie Snow
Wishing You All A Wonderful 2014!!
Love, Connie*

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Table For Four


Okay. I'm Done! Finished.
Baking Done. Stockings Hung. Tree Up and Decorated. Twinkle Lights Ablaze. Gifts Wrapped. Post Office Visits Finished. Menorah Polished and Stowed till Next Year. Birthdays Celebrated. Dog Fed. Plants Watered. Liquor Cart Replenished. Teeth Brushed. House Still Kind of a Mess. Blah blah blah. December! AUGH!!!
 THIS COOKIE IS DONE! Exhausted. Spent. Finished. Finito!
Next on my List:
Hello? Yes. I'd like to make a dinner reservation for four, please!
My Present to Myself: No More Cooking and Cleaning.
Thank Me Very Much!!
stretch wool skirt - vintage
flannel shirt - thrifted
necklace - J Crew
1930's necklace worn as a bracelet - gift from my mother-in-law
It was actually this vintage necklace that told me to go out for dinner. It doesn't get out as much as it did back in the day.
And now a Gift For YOU!!!
Vintage Store Psychic!!!! (Click here if this doesn't show up on your ipad)

Friday, December 13, 2013

It Must Be Something In The Water

The Chatham Hos
It is no secret that I Love the Ballet.
However, I am a pretty crummy ballet dancer.
I've studied dance long enough to fully understand how astoundingly difficult ballet is.
This time of year I like to profile a performance of the Nutcracker, most especially "The Dance of the Snowflakes" since it is one my favorites.
However, when my Mom sent me this video (she has mad computer skills for someone in her 80's!)
I just knew that I had to deviate from tradition and post this video of "Swan Lake" instead.
Even if you are not a fan of ballet, this video is totally worth it.
It may seem dull at first but hang in there.
So go grab another egg nog, plunk your bottom down and enjoy 
The Great Chinese State Circus performance of Swan Lake.
Click HERE to watch

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mother's Little Helper

 click HERE if you like 1960's movie kitsch

I love Science. I love Drugs.
If it weren't for drugs I wouldn't be here writing this and you might not be out there reading it.


This is an actual drawer in my bathroom. It is my personal drawer.
No, I do not live in the Chelsea Hotel.
But wouldn't that be fun?
Janis Joplin in front of the Chelsea Hotel, NYC, 1969 (by David Gahr)
Over the past year I have taken at least one pill and in most cases all of the pills in every single one of these prescription bottles. They have ALL been legally prescribed to lil' ol' me. Anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, anti-spasmodic, anti-anxiety, anti-biotics, pain KILLERS, the list goes on...
I am happy that I had them, though. These dolls picked me up from the bottom of the ocean and kept me afloat on the surface until I was strong enough to swim on my own.
Although recently I noticed that I was spending more time with Sheldon, Penny and Raj then I was with my ACTUAL real-life friends. I pretty much lived in sweat pants and my son's cast-off skateboarding shirts. Not a pretty picture. And I seemed to have lost my bloggin' mojo. Oh No!

So with permission from my pushers, I mean, my doctors, I am slowly detoxing from all of my little frenemies.  I am also cleaning up my act by embarking on a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, alcohol-free, FUN-free diet.

 So I'm hanging with my daughter while she's home temporarily.We're bonding over "American Horror Story ~ Coven" hence her "bloody" manicure.
Doing a little shopping.

Yummy antique blouses

Do we need a stone squirrel? Maybe...
Awesome doll chandelier

Equally awesome butterfly chandelier

Cupcakes! Just looking....

More awesomeness

And adorableness

Super adorableness

We didn't buy this little kitty hat. Tooooooo expensive! Meow!
In fact, we didn't buy Anything. But we had a blast. Swim swim swim.

  I'm spending my money HERE instead of at the pharmacy.
Sorry Pharamceutical Company Executives. Somebody else is going to have to pay for your children's fancy private school education.
Serenity Now
Seinfeldians click HERE.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

I Need The Eggs

December 1 is Woody Allen's Birthday. He will be 78 years old.
I know that general feelings about Allen Konigsberg are mixed. But I love him. I Lurve Him! I really do. I dream about him frequently (What would Freud say?) I have groupie stalkered my way to Michael's Pub to see him play the clarinet with his jazz band. I am first in line when a new Woody Allen film comes out. I once saw him on the street in New York City and my heart started pounding so hard that I felt light-headed.
So in honor of his genius, here is a very abbreviated random slide show of just some of his many brilliant films. He makes a new film just about every year. Amazing!  
This is actually a Quiz! See how many titles you can name based on the pictures. The answers are at the bottom. Good Luck!
Answers:   1. Bananas  2. Play It Again, Sam  3. Annie Hall  4. Blue Jasmine  5. New York Stories  6. Sleeper  7. Broadway Danny Rose  8. Bullets Over Broadway  9. Love And Death 
10. Sweet And Lowdown  11. Midnight In Paris  12. Take The Money And Run
13.  Vicky Cristina Barcelona  14. Zelig
So....How Did You Do On The Quiz???
If you did well then.. Congratulations! You will be happy to know that he is currently filming "Magic in the Moonlight" in the South of France starring Colin Firth. Colin Firth!!! Oh, be still my heart.
Happy Birthday, Wood Man.
Note: all photos via Pinterest
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