Monday, July 4, 2016

I'm not aware of too many things.

big old thrifted patch work shirt
Madewell jeans
straw bucket hat from Target
Reef flip flops
resting bitch face

Not so long ago, the always amazing and insightful Suzanne Carillo published a little worksheet to help us identify our personal Style Statement.
You can check it out HERE.
I filled in the worksheet but I was soooooo confused.
The results made absolutely zero sense to me.
My list of style attributes sounded like the names of Snow White's little men:
Sleepy, Grumpy, Frumpy, Dumpy, Tipsy, Schlumpy and Bored
You see, I have spent the better half (and I use the term "better" loosely) of the past five years somewhat out of commission.
It didn't seem like I'd gotten dressed in real clothes for a very long time. Though I do have to admit that there is somewhat of a deconstructed chic to hospital gowns.  
Alas, I had lost my style mojo.
For a week I photographed every outfit, every day to try to figure out my "Style Statement."
I think I've figured it out:
It's big old shirts, jeans and sensible shoes.

big old linen shirt and little old cardigan from The Gap Outlet circa 1990
Levi's 501 jeans
beat up old Born ballet flats

big old made-by-me fabric remnant dress
Lucky jeans
Ecco sandals
1930's amber bead necklace from my very stylish mother-in-law
big old men's shirt from Target
big old hideous Eileen Fisher jeans - purchased with my employee discount
bandana borrowed from Pancake (my dog)
Merrill clogs

big old shirt and big old bib overalls circa 1980's
shocking pink kinesio tape on my ankle courtesy of my physical therapist ~ thanks Oly
fresh haircut

big old flannel shirt that used to be a dress until I cut it off
ridiculous elastic waist jeggings - that's right - jeggings
Warby Parker spectacles
Vionic clogs

big old thrifted Chinese housecoat
Lucky jeans
Hush Puppy sandals

big old rayon boho tunic I have had, like, forever
Lucky jeans
Reef flip flops
Seriously. I want to Thank Suzanne for her Style Worksheet. This has been most enlightening. I honestly had no idea that I was such a blue jean baby.
Did you take Suzanne's quiz?
What is your Style Statement?

And like the good little blogger that I try to be, I am linking up with the Always Stylish Patti.
Also, for the very first time ever I am joining Judith's Hat Attack!!!
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