Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Doctor Will See You Now

Catching up on the latest magazines.
I Spend A Lot of Time in Waiting Rooms.
If you don't know why, you can find out here.
It seems like someone is always asking me to lie down and/or take off my clothes.
And I have to pay THEM for the honor!
This is my brain on drugs.
So I can either schlump in the door wearing baggy sweats or I can try to look cute.
As the Mahvelous Fernando Lamas famously said,
"It is better to look good than to feel good."
So I try to look good. But looking good is not always comfortable.
I find that a short sleeved or sleeveless tunic with leggings just works best.
Easy On. Easy Off.
Short sleeves so they can get that blood pressure cuff on or take some blood..uh oh...Hold on. I feel light headed. Head between Knees..uhhh..Ok. I feel better. Wheh!
Where was I? Oh yeah.
And leggings so I can kick my legs up in the air when I go out for my post check-up cocktail. Wheeee...
Sewing Machine to the rescue. 
This is a riff on a dress from the early 90's. I made scads of these for my pregnant self and my toddler daughter back in the day.
I simply take a boxy men's t-shirt. I used a Hanes Men's ComfortSoft tee from Target, three to a package. Gather up some fabric like I'm making a skirt. Then attach the skirt to the t-shirt.  Et Voila!
 I added pockets because I MUST HAVE POCKETS!
The Necklace is a Healing Crystal from a hippie store. Do I believe in Crystals? Not really. But lots of people do. I think Crystals are very pretty. And basically at this point I will take all the help I can get!
Do you believe in the healing power of Crystals?
I am wearing Flip Flops. Flip Flops are ALMOST SHOES!!!
Do I look like an aging toddler? Maybe. Do I care? Nope.
 Do I look a little pregnant here? Possibly. Good. It will give the other people in the waiting room something to ponder.
 "Is that grey haired lady REALLY pregnant? My my...the miracles of Modern Science."
Showing My Style over at the AMAZING ARIANE'S!!!!
I have been Inspired to join JANE'S PARTY at SHINY T TUESDAY!!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cool Clear Water

I recently moved to the town of Carlsbad, California which is just north of San Diego.
In 1882, long before I ever moved here, a farmer named John Frazier was drilling a well on his land when he struck a deep aquifer of alkaline mineral water.
It was very similar to the therapeutic mineral water from Karlsbad, Bohemia so they decided to name it Carlsbad Mineral Water
Until the 1930's many health conscious people from all around the world came to Carlsbad to "take the waters."  But during the Great Depression the whole thing to fell into disrepair. The depression had that effect on a lot of things.
Until the 1990's when a nice man named Ludvik Grigoras, who was born in Karlsbad now the Czech Republic, decided to declare Karlsbad and Carlsbad Sister Cities. He then worked to raise money to help restore the California spa. He even had his Czech sculptor friend create a bronze statue of John Frazier.
Yay for Ludvik Grigoras!!!!
If any of you have ever had a swig of tap water here in Southern California you would have to admit that it doesn't taste great. It comes all the way from Colorado and picks up some funky stuff along the journey so it tastes a bit "off" by the time it gets here.
Spring Water is the only way to go.
So you have to pay for it. Big deal. I think it's worth it.
If you are a Spring Water fiend like I am, I would like to introduce you to FindASpring.com 
This web site shows you where to find Cool Clear Springs all over the World.
There might even be one close to you! Check it out.
So what does a Barefoot Aquarian wear to collect Spring Water?
A rayon dress with pictures of Cranes Flying over Water of course!
Made from this pattern.
 I'm on a mission to make as many of my own clothes as possible.
Ha! We shall see.....
I leave you, hopefully well-hydrated, with some Vintage Cowboy Coolness*
Heading over to Patti's Visible Monday. See you there!
*I'm sorry if you can't see this on your ipad. I'm trying to figure that one out!
It's just a bunch of dapper old cowboys. You're not missing much.
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