Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Doctor Will See You Now

Catching up on the latest magazines.
I Spend A Lot of Time in Waiting Rooms.
If you don't know why, you can find out here.
It seems like someone is always asking me to lie down and/or take off my clothes.
And I have to pay THEM for the honor!
This is my brain on drugs.
So I can either schlump in the door wearing baggy sweats or I can try to look cute.
As the Mahvelous Fernando Lamas famously said,
"It is better to look good than to feel good."
So I try to look good. But looking good is not always comfortable.
I find that a short sleeved or sleeveless tunic with leggings just works best.
Easy On. Easy Off.
Short sleeves so they can get that blood pressure cuff on or take some blood..uh oh...Hold on. I feel light headed. Head between Knees..uhhh..Ok. I feel better. Wheh!
Where was I? Oh yeah.
And leggings so I can kick my legs up in the air when I go out for my post check-up cocktail. Wheeee...
Sewing Machine to the rescue. 
This is a riff on a dress from the early 90's. I made scads of these for my pregnant self and my toddler daughter back in the day.
I simply take a boxy men's t-shirt. I used a Hanes Men's ComfortSoft tee from Target, three to a package. Gather up some fabric like I'm making a skirt. Then attach the skirt to the t-shirt.  Et Voila!
 I added pockets because I MUST HAVE POCKETS!
The Necklace is a Healing Crystal from a hippie store. Do I believe in Crystals? Not really. But lots of people do. I think Crystals are very pretty. And basically at this point I will take all the help I can get!
Do you believe in the healing power of Crystals?
I am wearing Flip Flops. Flip Flops are ALMOST SHOES!!!
Do I look like an aging toddler? Maybe. Do I care? Nope.
 Do I look a little pregnant here? Possibly. Good. It will give the other people in the waiting room something to ponder.
 "Is that grey haired lady REALLY pregnant? My my...the miracles of Modern Science."
Showing My Style over at the AMAZING ARIANE'S!!!!
I have been Inspired to join JANE'S PARTY at SHINY T TUESDAY!!!!


  1. You don't look like an ageing toddler or a pregnant lady you look fabulous!! That is a fantastic idea with the t shirt ... I may just have to give it a try.
    In my part of the world flip flops are DEFINITELY shoes ... In fact they are probably part of the national costume ;0)

  2. You are so funny Connie. It's true that we have to plan our outfit well when visiting the Doctor so that they can easily do whatever they must do to check us. Your dress is fabulous. You look trés chic!

  3. I have just found your blog! it's fabulous, you are fabulous - I think your outfit is blindingly brilliant and with pockets, crystals I am sceptical about but one time my hub bought an obelisk amethyst necklace he only wore a few times, and 2 babies arrived, seperately, don't know where it is now but he is absolutely banned from wearing anything like it again! x

  4. I love that dress! I would look like a Weeble-Wobble in it, but I LOVE it on you. The pockets are brilliant. Flip-flops is as close as I ever want to get for shoes. Unfortunately, I live in Chicago.

  5. How did I miss that post in May? I'm sure I was following you then, but I suppose I just couldn't keep up. Now you're at the top of my favorites list. You have such a wicked funny sense of humor and strong spirit - I'm sure the two qualities feed each other, and keep you going through everything.

    And you have an amazing touch with big men's T-shirts, Honey Boo-Boo.

  6. That dress is fantastic and nothing like a maternity/toddler's outfit! You clever thing, you.
    Fernando Lamas has a point, there's nothing that makes you feel suddenly ill than someone asking if you're okay 'cos they think you look a bit tired. xxx

  7. Love this post and the outfit is M-A-H-V-E-L-O-U-S!

  8. I love your sense of humor and your positive outlook on life. You are inspiring! That dress is cute, I don't think you look like an overgrown toddler or a pregnant lady, just a spunky fun gal!

  9. Humor will get you through any doctors waiting room, this I am just learning this week. Humor will get you through life, that I already knew. I like your new handmade dress simple and cute like your sweet hair style! Since I grew up in SoCal of course I was into crystals, and reiki, for a bit. I think if you put faith into anything you give it power.

  10. Aging toddler? Pregnant?
    No, none of the above! Cute, funny and talented is how you look - is how you ARE, Connie.
    Crystals are pretty enough but I don't think they have any special powers. Though Sandra's comment made me laugh - careful now! xxxx

  11. You look wonderful! I'm so impressed with your DIY! Also, when my husband or friends ask me how many shoes I own, I always ask if I have to count the flip flops and they always say yes, so I'm passing that on to you. Yes, flip flops count as shoes, so you might as well get some super cute ones! Like these perhaps? http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/vince-camuto-elian-sandal/3438506?origin=category-personalizedsort&contextualcategoryid=0&fashionColor=RAVISHING+RED&resultback=2161&cm_sp=personalizedsort-_-browseresults-_-1_7_D

  12. but don't you think when you don;t feel good it shows on the way you look too..
    last sentence made me smile :)


  13. I'm with you on pockets, Connie. Also on the head between the knees thing. "Don't show me the needle, I'll be alright if you DON"T show me the needle.....Can I have a bit of air?"

    You are looking good and I do hope that you are feeling well also. /:-)

  14. Thanks for the great bar story! I'm gonna have a gin & tonic in your honor.

  15. You look GORGEOUS. Not like a toddler and not pregnant. And I'm with you -- leggings are the way to go!

  16. You are sooooooooooooooo funny, and lovely, and everything, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I could only hug you tight...

  17. Oooh, that looks like a simple enough project someone like me (who doesn't have much of a clue about sewing) could try her hand at. I'll keep it in mind for when I actually have energy for it :)
    I hope you are feeling better. I'll have to send you an email this week for a little catch up xx

  18. Hi Connie! It's taken me a minute to post a comment! So much to say! First, love the sewing project and your hair looks fab!!! I agree, pockets are a MUST. I also visited some of your past posts and learned a little more about the challenges you've been facing. I also started my style blog for it's therapeutic value and I'm glad to learn more about you!! I hate the fact that I don't have the time to visit as many blogs as I'd like, but I'm glad to be able to see you when I can!!

    Hope you have a good weekend!! Sending love, Jean XXOO

  19. Hi lovely Connie!

    Tks for joining my Blog Hop!
    You are an inspiration and i like what Fernando said
    Better to look good that to feel good!
    I will have to remember that -
    You look cute in our DIY outfit, i could do that i guess with a bit of french swearing, looks easy enough but you know nothing is simple at the end -
    The word is perseverance!


    Ariane xo

  20. Are you kidding me? This is SO cute, SO creative, and SO original! I think you look fabulously youthful, but not junior, in it.
    I can relate to the whole "doctor tour" vibe but I agree with you, that's no excuse to look schlumpy ;-)


  21. Oh Connie you look ADORABLE no pregnant toddler here at all! i think i could write a whole new inspiration post just about you xxxxx

  22. I think you look gorgeous. And you have now brightened up my day. I'm sorry for all the medical things you've been dealing with. You have nothing but my respect for how you manage. You are a bright light in the world of the internet... I'm glad you have a blog. Also? I don't believe in healing crystals either, but it is so pretty. I would definitely wear it anyways.

  23. What a FABULOUS and perfect outfit! I love the pockets and would love to see more of these - what other colours/patterns do you use??

    Sarah xxx

  24. Your comments are better than my posts. I am smiling now. I think you're wonderful, too.

  25. hello my lovely, thank you for all your lovely comments at my place, they really make my day! I do stop here often but don't say hi as multiple comments on the same post is a bit on the stalker end of friendship!! Love and hugs xxxxx

  26. hello my lovely, thank you for all your lovely comments at my place, they really make my day! I do stop here often but don't say hi as multiple comments on the same post is a bit on the stalker end of friendship!! Love and hugs xxxxx

  27. I love reading your posts
    they show your wit and happy disposition.
    That is a lovely necklace
    and if it has healing effects all the more beautiful.
    Have a lovely day!

  28. Hi, Connie. It's October and you haven't posted for a while. Hope everything is fine and you are feeling well and have settled happily into your new home. Flip flop season is well and truly over here in Blighty - I'm looking out my tights and boots!

  29. AWWW I love you Connie you look so cute:) and THANKS so much for sweet words about my fathers death last week.

    Im now back from a WONDERFUL vacation in France, we lived outside Antibes city, with a looong beach nearby the hotel. If you havent been there I must recomend you to do so:) you can see pics from our fab. trip on Monday.

    Have a lovely week dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)


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