Friday, May 30, 2014

Not One More

photo via Pinterest
It's a Sweet Place this little Blogging Community, isn't it?
It is so nice to have Kindred Spirits as we navigate our way through a Life that is Full of Silliness and Joy and Sadness and Beauty.
I have been trying to put together a fluffy little blog post.
I have been trying to comment on your brilliant posts.
But I cannot until I get this off my chest.
This happened: 
 Click HERE to read about the deadly rampage at the University of California Santa Barbara.
This is my daughter's college. She was not there that day.
It does not matter Where this happened. It happened. And it keeps on happening.
Our Hearts are Breaking.
Please watch this heart wrenching video of the father of one of the shooting victims by clicking HERE.
Obviously there as an issue of mental health that needs to be addressed.
But the sad wretched killer with a documented history of mental illness was allowed to LEGALLY purchase guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.
Let's take a Deep Breath.
If you feel as frustrated and angry and sad and helpless as I do
Here are some resources for you:
Every Town for Gun Safety click HERE
The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence click HERE
Hundreds hold hands to form a circle in the Pacific Ocean for a memorial honoring victims of the Isla Vista rampage.
You can read more about this memorial service HERE if you'd like. 


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Oh Those Boys

Don't you just love hanging around the nicer men's clothing stores?
I do. All that tweed and tortoise shell and restrained testosterone.
Tons and tons of choices of virtually the same thing all subtly and beautifully well-made.
Not a lot of glitz and flashy color. Decisions quickly made and paid for.
Oh Those Boys. They are such simple creatures.
 They can go on long voyages with just a few shirts, a pair of trousers, a pair of shoes and a toothbrush. I could probably do that, too, but it would not be pretty. I need an extra suitcase just for my underwear!
Classic men's styles have barely changed in the past 100 years.
That photo above was taken in the 1960's.
It looks like it was taken Today!
It's a photo from this little book.
Take Ivy was originally published in Japan in 1965 as a style guide to the American Preppy Style that was just becoming popular in that country.

All of these photos are from the book and they look completely contemporary, don't they?
With a few variations in collar length and tie width, my sartorially fabulous husband has worn pretty much the same style since I first met him in the 1980's!
I've included a picture of a Girl in a 1960's shift dress so that you can envision the era but now that I see that Shift...I Want It!!!!
But until I Find a Cute Retro Shift like that one....
I'd like to introduce you to my latest Fan.
Isn't he beautiful? All dark and woodsy. Looks like it belongs in a men's store. My husband spotted it while we were browsing in a consignment shop.
I have trained him well.
Nice simple controls. On/Off. High/Low. Just like the boys.
So today I am borrowing from the Boys.
Men's Size Large Shirt from Target
Men's watch - Timex
totally see-through linen dress - Eileen Fisher vintage
pewter leather skinny belt - J. Crew vintage
orthopedic sandals - Hush Puppies 
Oh Those Boys. I Just Love Boys.
They have the Best Shirts.
Linking up with Maricel and Selah for Thoughtful Third Thursday. 
 Also linking up with my Girl Patti at Visible Monday 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

How The Other Half Lives

Let's see. It's grey and rainy. We've stopped at a Dunkin' Donuts.
That can only mean one thing.
It is Springtime in the Northeastern Half of these United States. 
Forsythia Everywhere!
We left the Western half of the States to attend a family wedding in Connecticut.
It was lovely.
 I availed myself of the open bar and endless trays of hors d'oeuvres and generally carried on like someone who doesn't get out enough....because I DON'T. And because I like you, I will not subject you to those photos.
But this is a smattering of what we did see. 
We were in Edward Hopper territory.
A pit stop at a diner is required.
Sailboats on Long Island Sound. 
Now we're in Fitzgerald territory. 
The trees at Caramoor are just starting to blossom.
I can just imagine Jay Gatsby and Jordan Baker strolling down this hallway at
We even got to escape into New York City to visit our old neighborhood.
Our apartment was the brown one.
Did you ever see the film "You've Got Mail"?
That was our neighborhood.
And when I lived there I looked EXACTLY like Meg Ryan. Yeah, that's right.
Tulips Everywhere!
We took in Facades, the Bill Cunningham exhibit at the New-York Historical Society.
I love Bill Cunningham soooooooo much.
The restored Jose Maria Sert murals at  Rockefeller Center are insanely wonderful.
Cocktails at the Algonquin Hotel where we celebrated OUR marriage 25 years ago.
A mural of the Algonquin Round Table by Natalie Ascencios hangs in the bar.
That's Dorothy Parker in the hat. I do love Dorothy Parker. Check out these Dorothy Parker quotes HERE and you'll understand why I'm such a fan.
And it was STILL raining as we sloshed our way to the airport.


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