Monday, July 22, 2013

Yarn Bombed

When I drove by this stop sign in my neighborhood I Jumped Right out of the Car.

Somebody had Yarn Bombed the Stop Sign!!

I knew this was going on all over the world but San Diego can be a bit..okay..a LOT conservative so I never expected to see it here. But here it is. And there are others here as well.

Sign poles by Crochet Grenade.
A fire hydrant. Again by the awesome Crochet Grenade.
 Arrrrgh. photo by Marc Fredrickson
I just knew that I HAD TO yarn bomb something. Now the po-po are on the hunt for the elusive Bryan who does the flower stop signs.  I have enough problems without having to add jail time to my resume so I decided to yarn bomb the tree in my own front yard.


I wanted to do Black and White Stripes like this because I am Yipes Stripes NUTS about Black and White Stripes which you already know if you have ever visited my Stripe-Me-Up Pinterest Board.

So I measured the tree and bought the yarn and.....
we moved to another house before I even got started. Augh! I haven't yarn bombed yet. Which is pretty typical for me. I have piles and piles of unfinished knitting projects: Sweaters that have GONE out of style and COME BACK into style and I still haven't finished them. Sweaters that my children outgrew before I ever finished knitting them. Sweaters with Shoulder Pads. Shoulder Pads!!! We're talking mid 80's. All unfinished. So I can add yarn bombing to my list of unfinished projects. Sigh..

I finally ended up using the yarn to make Pancake a little sweater. A Completed Project!
So I guess you could say that I Yarn Bombed the Dog!

This week I'm attempting to link up with both Patti at Not Dead Yet Style and Jane at Flight Platform Living. Jane's prompt for this week's Shiny T Tuesday is: UNDENIABLY ME.
Here I am wearing an outfit that I have had FOREVER starting a project that I will probably NEVER FINISH. So Typically ME.

Hat bought in Venice Beach, California about 19 years ago.
Mexican blouse bought from a vendor on Olvera Street in Los Angeles at LEAST 30 years ago.
Denim cut offs from Banana Republic Outlet jeans about 6 or 7 years old.
Reefs flip flops about 5 years old.
Vintage Ray Ban sunglasses.
Here's a close up of the Mexican Blouse with its beautiful hand embroidery. See why I've kept it forever?

Monday, July 15, 2013

My Turf

Welcome to My New Home.
This lovely face will greet you at the door.
A much nicer face than mine if I answer the door first thing in the morning with major bed head and pillow creases all over my un-made-up face. Eek!
Besides, the former owners left a palm tree shaped Mezuzah on the door so she can watch over it. So cool. I've never had a Mezuzah before. Maybe it will keep the LDS folks away. Sorry LDS brothers and sisters. You are very friendly but I will never join your religion. Good Luck to you anyway :-)
There is a sweet little park behind my house so let's take a peek at it.
There's my little Pancake going for a walk in the park.
This is the balcony of the house across the street. Isn't it pretty?
And here I am with my binoculars, checking out the neighbors. You just Never Know who might be living next door.
white linen dress bought with my employee discount when I was a sales slave at Eileen Fisher
black tank and shorts from when I was a Pilates Instructor
bare feet. I'm not in shoes yet but at least I'm upright
And here I am showing you my bike shorts. I was so very kindly invited to join Shiny T Tuesday over at Flight Platform Living. The theme is "anything on anything" so I have chosen White on Black or....Dress on Shorts or....Spying on Neighbors.
Thank You Jane. I Love You. This is my first time ever doing this.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Three Years

Today I am celebrating Three Years cancer Free!!!
I'm off to do a little jig and drink some champagne!
Lately I've been busy tumblin' along with my tumblin' tumblr.
If you'd like to see the vintage dreaminess that is floating around in my empty little head simply click on the tumblr+ button off to the right.
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