Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Before There Was Pinterest

This WAS my Inspiration Board.
The only thing this inspired was CHAOS.

Then I discovered Pinterest.
Are you on Pinterest?

Pinned Image

So Neat & Tidy & Organized.

Pinned Image

No Dangerous Tacks or Paper.

Pinned Image

And you can steal...I mean PIN from other Pinterest Boards.

Plus I have acquired a Beautiful Imaginary Wardrobe

Pinned Image

That I can Wear in All of my Beautiful Imaginary Houses.

Pinned Image

I find it Very Relaxing.
But I am Completely Addicted!!!!

Pinned Image

At least it's Cheaper Than Therapy!

If you would like to visit my Pinterest Boards just click on the Pinterest button off to the side.
See you there!

note: all images other than my own via Pinterest


  1. Yet another story to warn me away from Pinterest's addictive powers... But it's a beautiful story! I like that Freud photo. Ha!

    1. oh yes. It is very addicting! I may need a pintervention!

  2. I'm enjoy Pinterest too. I agree that it quite addictive but fun.

  3. I DO ADORE Pinterest! I try to afflict as many of my friends as possible with a fixation on it as well while their husbands furrow their eyebrows & say, "Thanks a lot." :D I also love my imaginary wardrobe, my variety of dream homes, my organized closets, my culinary delicacies... Ok I'll stop now. Fun post!


  4. I must say that I like the old moodboards because Im to much in front of the computer. Always nice with some inspiration ala IRL:)
    have a great week.

    LOVE M

  5. Fabulous pictures Connie !

  6. It's addictive, isn't it? I've pinned that 1st image too actually! Beautiful!!

    ~ Clare x

  7. I just clicked on it and I'm following you there too!


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