Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tighten Up

Take This Look:
I Love Lucy
And Pair It With This Look:
And You Get THIS Look:

These are my brand new Victoria's Secret PJs. Although I do prefer second hand clothes I draw the line at PJs. I will sleep in my OWN sweat & drool, thank you very much.
Am I still in a back brace?  Yes dammit!
Is my house a mess?  Uhhh..Yes.
Is that a Margarita in my hand?  Hell Yes!!
Is this a good song?  Oh Yes.
P.S. Pajamas are trending.


  1. Oh Connie, I could wear PJs all day too. PJs are so comfortable to wear. I must check out those Victoria Secret PJs. Your Margarita drink look so delicious. I hope your are feeling better.

  2. I didn't know you were in a back brace, but it does look stylish with the PJs, kind of like a big obi! And if you call that a messy house, you haven't had enough margaritas!

  3. But you are upright, smiling, and showing off your PJs, so things are improving, Connie! Must be the effect of the margarita!
    I agree with Val, I see no mess in that particular area of your house, though of course the rest of the place might be thick with dust and stacked with piles of clutter - just like mine...
    It's lovely to see you, I hope it won't be too long before you can forgo the back brace and get your dancing shoes on (but not the haunted ones...) Xxxxxx

  4. But still entirely fabulous with the back brace! Val's right, it looks like a hardcore Obi.
    Call that mess? Come and see our place.
    Cheers and have a fantastic weekend! xxx

  5. I agree about the pajamas! Your house looks fine! Sorry about your back, hoping you are back to normal soon!

  6. Ha ha ha ha ha! You are hysterical! Jammies, back brace and booze --- sounds so curative! Love the picture of you posing - you need to send it to your surgeon.

  7. I remember wearing one of those braces for awhile. Mine was NOT as nice as yours, mine was beige and ugly. I would far prefer black!!!
    Your Pj's are VERY CUTE.
    I buy new pj's and vintage pj's washed at least two times. I mean 30-40 year old drool isn't still alive is it? *lol*
    I found some really funky patterned mens top and bottoms made out of cotton. Once it heats up.... out with my polar fleece onto the cottons and silk.
    My fave pjs right now are my Hello Kitty micro fleece pants with whatever comfy t shirt is around to throw on.

    SO WHERE IS THE MESS? I don't see a mess. *lol*

  8. VS pajamas are very glamourous! And if you don't think they're glamorous enough just add a turban and pretend they're palazzo pants :D
    Glad to see you smiling and on your way to recovery!

  9. You are the EPITOME of recovery glamour - and margaritas and pain killers are a VERY GOOD cocktail! I do hope you feel better soon - and in the mean time, hire a maid, and a nurse!

    Big, gentle hugs, Sarah xxx

  10. Oh you're indisposed with a bad back, bah! But look what spirit you have! Drinking spirits. I'm impressed.

    I think you are right about PJs. They are the future. I love Lucy too! xx

  11. i must say my dear... not only do you look gorgeous in your PJ's, but you can definitely carry off the brace with aplomb!! hope by now your are further on your way to recovery!

  12. Haha! I LOVE this! You're hilarious, Connie! Just gorgeous!

    Clare x


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