Sunday, October 4, 2015


Ahhh... October in Southern California. Warm during the day and cool at night. Most of the tourists have returned to their leaf strewn inland homes. The beach and the streets and the taco shops are ours once again.
While the rest of the world is enjoying pumpkin spice this and that and boots and sweaters, we're still wearing tee shirts and flip flops and eating guacamole.
bonus points if you can spot my canine taste tester
It was a perfect Fall day today. I discovered some frozen Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies in the back of the freezer, which is almost as good as finding a forgotten $20 bill in the pocket of your jeans. So I brewed up some Detox tea to hopefully counteract the sugar. Yeah..right...
I was reading through the blogs like you do and I noticed that Anne's prompt for this week's
 52 Pick-Me-Up is Carrot / Perseverance.
Heck. I can do that. In fact I am actually doing that right now. It was meant to be. That Anne is not only talented but she is psychic. 
 Check out these crazy carrots! So beautiful. 
And I'm wearing a carrot colored dress with my face on it! 
So. Perseverance.
As you know (because I blather on about it endlessly. blah blah blah) I have had my share of health issues. Even though I have had more than one Debbie Downer of a doctor tell me that I need to suck it up and just accept my current situation, je refuse d'accepter!
 Oh Hell No!!!
I am sticking with my recovery plan, which of course includes frozen Thin Mints. And one day very soon I will be jumping around doing Cartwheels.
YES I WILL. So There!!
Carrots and Perseverance. 
carrot colored Mexican or Guatemalan dress, I'm not sure which ~ rock street vintage via Etsy
colored glass bead necklace ~ I've had it for so long I don't remember where I got it
black flip flops ~ Reef
Join me as I make a psychic connection at Anne's 52-Pick-Me-Up.
And I'm bringing the carrots to Patti's Visible Monday.
See you There!


  1. love all the connections - and it would be wonderful to sit and have tea with you!


  2. And I thought it was pumpkin color. It was your gourd-geous pumpkin teapot that confused me, and that little pink tongue to the left of the cookies (is that Pancake? Did I spot him?).

    Perseverance is one thing, and being full of piss and vinegar is almost as good. Keep your fighting attitude and be sure to take some selfies when you do those cartwheels!

    1. Yep. That's Pancake's tongue. Good eye! Taking a selfie while doing a cartwheel! A challenge indeed. I'm on it!

  3. Hi Connie, you look great, I'm sure you are enjoying the quiet in your City now. I have to check out Anne since she is a psychic. Your carrots look yummy.

  4. Tell me, how was The Mystery Spot? Mysterious? Baffling? Just plain silly?

    I'd better get cracking on Carrot/ Perseverance. A broken computer is making the post more difficult to achieve.

  5. Yes, I see you in my mind's eye doing cartwheels and pinwheels and pirouettes and prancing. It shall come to pass, darling. It shall!
    I love your photo "Woman on Sofa with Carrots."
    I think I got it wrong - I thought you use sugar to detox, not the other way around. Are you sure? Only $20? Heck, finding those cookies would be like a frickin lottery in my home, a huge detox.

    I love the tongue. Hahaha!

  6. I love your dress, Connie, and you look radiant! I love root vegetables and tea as well, and I love your teapot! :)

  7. I love your colourful dress. We are entering Summer in New Zealand and the temperature is getting warmer every day :)

  8. My dear, you are absolutely ROCKING that dress. Such a beautiful, colourful post. Enjoy the carrots.

  9. The dog's tongue is dangerously near those mint thins...did he get one?
    Enjoy that lovely sun and whoTF is Debbie Downer? Love the frock btw. x

  10. What a cute dress. Isn't Fall grand?!

  11. You look lovely in your South of the Border frock. I miss Southern Cal this time of year when the days shorten and out come the candles. Wishing you well!

  12. You do NOT go on-and-on about it, and Debbie Downer doctors seem to be all I get which is making me wonder what they're teaching at med schools these days. I like your dress and I envy your frozen Thin Mints. And I love you.

    And...yeah? Well, we get to wear boots.

  13. October in Southern California sounds pretty great to me. I love sunshine and guacamole. And sugar in my decaf coffee. You have all the good ideas. Good for you re the doctors, don't give up. You hear loads of cases where doctors say things aren't possible, then people go on to prove them wrong. Oh that dress, it's sublime. You look beautiful in it and I love that colour on you. What are the chances of finding a frock with your own face on it?! Xxx

  14. Thank you I will take the bonus points and I would like to join you in your discovered choc thins and tea!! Great recovery plan and well worth sticking to. If you cartwheel I will give it a go!!

  15. Oooh that sounds wonderful especially from a rain sodden southern England! I am always more excited to find 'forgotten' chocolate than money!
    Hurrah to sticking it to the doc...they don't have all the answers and they certainly don't always understand the human spirit and it's strength.
    Love the carrot coloured dress, it's fabulous and the fact that your tea was photobombed by your dog's tongue!

  16. That dress is perfection, you look wonderful.
    I don't think pumpkin spice is a thing here or at least not in theses parts. Give me endless guacamole and flip flops any day of the week. xxx

  17. wonderful dress!!!! and it suits you just perfect!
    here too no pumpkin spice - just real pumpkins for dinner. but its still in the 20°C´s at day and mild, so no boots yet.
    love your never give up attitude! i try too - docs said more then 10 years ago i only could sit on the sofa with my knee status - but i still go hiking. they damn hurt but the alternative would be a boring life with a marshmellow body and still pain in the knees....
    lots of power to you!!! and hugs!!! xxxxxxx

    1. Marshmallow body. Ha! That is exactly what is happening to me!

  18. Promise me you'll post a pic on your blog of you doing the cartwheel! We're all cheering for you. Oh, the Girl Scout cookies...aren't they enough to heal a multitude of illnesses :)
    I love your dress. I have a similar one. Makes me want to visit our neighbors in Mexico.

  19. You've gotta love those surprise chocolatey finds ... but given that they were chocolate mint it's all ok. Mint is leafy which means it's really like eating vegetables ... so healthy and recommended ;0)

    1. You are absolutely right. I'm getting my daily veg!

  20. So wonderful to see you Connie! And your carrots : )

    I agree...scoring frozen hidden treats is kin to finding money in a pocket.

    I'm glad you're not giving up. What do Doctors know anyhow? I've discovered not a Hell of a lot.

    Save some guac for me : )


  21. Glad to see you enjoying Fall in your part of the world. Tea , particularly out of that cute pot and found chocolate treats, the perfect combination.
    Looking forward to seeing those cartwheels , with your attitude sure it will be soon Connie.

  22. Persevering with carrots! Yes, um, I think I see the connection? OK not so much :-) But your carrot dress is wonderful.
    I know your perseverance will pay off.
    Go detox tea, and choc mints!
    Quickly...looks like you have a hungry tongue about to eat them all!
    Hugs. Xo Jazzy Jack

  23. Those are the most perfectly straight carrots I've ever set eyes on. I'm really impressed!

    To hell with the doctors, the secret to a long healthy life is staying as far away from them as possible ;) I KNOW you will be doing those cartwheels soon. You keep self-medicating with the Thin Mints (but not "wafer thin mints" because we all know where that leads...) and be well, hon.

  24. Flipflops in October..... sometimes I really miss my LA daze.......loving the carrot coloured dress!!

  25. Oh Connie, you always look so bloody wonderful - that carrot-y dress is a real beauty and so are you!
    I'm not quite ready for autumn, I'd like a few more sunny days of flip flops and guacamole, please. Can I come and stay with you? Thanks.
    Keep going with you patented "Hell, Snow!" recovery plan - it seems to be working. The cartwheels are coming, I can feel it. (You know I have The Gift.) xxx

  26. I see a tongue!!!!! Those mint thins look delicious!!! I wish girl scouts did cool things like this where I live, I'd definitely buy some!!!
    Absolutely loving your carroty attire, so bright and cheerful but the piece de resistance is those amazing rainbow sleeves!!! I'm glad you're enjoying the sun in South California! I am not enjoying Autumn rearing its head. I'm sure everyone thinks I'm bah humbug about the whole Autumn thing but I just love summer so much!
    I'm sorry about your health issues but hope that your good attitude to it will reap rewards!!
    Ahrgh, I meant to link up to Anne with my carrot coloured brooch, thanks for the reminder!!
    By the way, nice to meet you, I popped across from Ally as you seemed my kind of person from your comment and I was right!! I shall try to return when I'm on a computer to follow you, as I have no idea how to do it on a phone!

  27. Awww, thank you for the nice comments and that was great as I was thinking yesterday on my computer,"Where did I find Connie's link?" and you very handily left it for me!!! Thanks for the follow too!x

  28. mmmm, frozen girl scout cookies for tea. and carrots too. And orange perseverance with cartwheels. You're like Alice in Wonderland in your pumpkin dress. Or do I have everything mixed up?

  29. In Southern California you have a wonderful fall and I am envying your flip flops, Connie!
    I love carrots, carrot and orange juice, carrot timballo (an Italian recipe with rice ), and, of course ... the carrot cake!

    Very cute carrot colour dress!
    Is there anything better than discover some forgotten sweets into the freezer?? :-)

  30. Love your bunch of carrots and your matching orange dress! I would also love the treat of finding frozen cookies in my freezer! I am sorry about your health issues, they are not fun to deal with. Blogging is a great coping mechanism, as is anything chocolate!
    xx, Elle

  31. Hi Connie! Thanks for your nice comment. It is good that you aren't scared of spiders. I am but being a teacher AND having lived on my own for 5years, I had to learn to deal with them. My husband isn't scared of spiders but he's a grumpy so and so in the evening hence the lack of cooperation!x

  32. all of these inspirations are so cool. I love october and I miss california

  33. I'm SO glad you found me again - and I'm glad you are determined to recover your health and vitality! Don't be a stranger ;-)



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