Monday, February 13, 2012

And The Oscar Goes To...

Be forewarned. If you ever go to a movie with me, you will have to stay until the end of the credits. This drives my kids crazy! But I say, "If I pay, we stay." And with them, I usually pay.
The credits are actually VERY interesting. We might find out, for example, the name of the costume designer.
The American Academy Awards are coming up...February 26 to be exact. Costume Design is one of my favorite catagories. I'll sit through an otherwise crummy film just because the costumes are pretty.
So here's a rundown of the nominees for this year:

Lisy Christl ~ ANONYMOUS
I haven't seen this film but it looks gorgeous. And Lisy Christl...what a cute name.

Mark Bridges ~ THE ARTIST
Mark Bridges has a pretty good chance of winning, I think. You have to admit that the costumes looked pretty authentic. And how about that scene on the staircase of Los Angeles' Bradbury Building? Awesome.

Michael O'Connor ~ JANE EYRE
Wasn't this a good movie? Michael O'Connor won an Oscar in 2008 for The Duchess. Now really, how can the amazing Mia Wasikowska NOT have been nominated for her performance in this film?? Go figure.

Sandy Powell ~ HUGO
Sandy Powell is already a star. She has three Academy Awards under her probably very fashionable belt. This is my personal favorite.

Arianne Phillips ~ W.E.

 Arianne Phillips is Madonna's personal stylist. You have to admit that Madonna has been looking pretty good these days. I want to wear ALL the clothes in this film.
 So there you are. Aren't you glad we stuck around for the credits? We can go home now.




  1. I am off to see the Artist today!
    I could have seen it in Paris but didn't realize it was mostly silent
    Go figure!

    1. I hope you like The Artist. I did. I read that the actors all spoke different languages and sometimes they didn't even understand each other while they were acting together! So I spent most of the film trying to read their lips to see if they were speaking French or English!

  2. Congrats to Mark Bridges. Tres bien fait!


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