Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rosy Cheeks

Antacids, pain relievers, antibiotics, chemotherapy, radiation...yikes..the list goes on and on. Sometimes in life you might find yourself having to take advantage of the miracles of modern medicine. And a big cheer of gratitude to all the super smart scientists who work hard to develop all sorts of things to keep us alive and well. Merci MILLE fois!
But after all this, why? WHY???? put more chemicals on your skin if you don't have to? Why?
I am so happy that I discovered Weleda. Such a super cool company. Check them out here:
My favorite Weleda product is the Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream. I feel so virtuous when I slap it on my face at night. It smells wonderful. I feel like I'm sleeping in a bed of roses. Hmm...maybe I am. This rose popped up in my garden JANUARY! Oh So Cal...

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