Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pan Am

Do you watch this tv show? I do. And I LOVE it because.....True Confessions: I was a Pan Am Stewardess! I was not a spy but I certainly had a lot of adventures.
Sadly, almost all photographic evidence of my career was lost during one of my many moves...the result of the peripatetic flight attendant life-style. Oh well...I have my memories...sigh...
However, an old friend recently sent this picture of ME on a layover in Montevideo some time in the 1980's. Love the famous Adolfo uniform. (I was PRETEND smoking.)
Anyway, I had wanted to become a Stewardess since I took my first airplane flight ~ at age eight. And when I grew up, I did it. And I loved it.
So of course I am in ecstasy over this ADORABLE safety video for Thomson Airlines. Enjoy!

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