Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Liebster Part III

This is the Beautiful Blue-Eyed Melanie from Bag and a Beret.

And this is One of Melanie's Brilliant Turnip Head Drawings.

Melanie is an ARTIST Through and Through...Up and Down...Inside and Outside.. Forever and Ever....All the Time. She Lives Her Art.
Melanie is one busy girl. She has at least two blogs that I know of and contributes to others. She is always Out and About (pronounced with a Canadian Accent) and leads the Most Interesting Life.
Plus, she is Fall-Down-On-The-Floor-Laughing FUNNY! You MUST visit her blog.
She makes Me Laugh and She makes Me Think. I'm pretty sure She's a Genius.
She is also very Sweet because she has nominated me for my Third Liebster Award.
These Liebster Awards come with a lot of Rules:
1. The new nominee must post 11 things about him/herself.
2. Answer the 11 questions from the person who gave you the award.
3. Choose 11 new nominees and link them in your post.
4. Create 11 questions for the bloggers you've nominated.
5. Go and tell them that they've been nominated.
6. No tag back!
Wheh!!!  Lots of Rules!!
Okay. Here we go:
1. The new nominee must post 11 things about him/herself.
2. I don't like chocolate. Nobody ever believes this but it's true.
3. I have an unusually strong sense of smell. It is a blessing and a curse.
4. I used to work as an extra in soap operas.
5. I often dream about Woody Allen.
6. I speak franglais almost tous le temps. It drives ma famille crazy but je ne m'en fous.
7. I am just a few classes short of a degree in pastry making from a prestigious cooking school.
8. I think avocados are the best thing ever.
9. Christie Brinkley and I are like TWINS.
10. I believe that in a former life I worked as a maid in a huge mansion. I looked adorable in my maid's uniform.
11. Sweden is calling me....
2. Answer the 11 questions from the person who gave you the award.
1. On a desert island, which would you choose, a pocket knife or a solar-powered e-reader?
     A pocket knife...and some sunscreen, please.
2.  As one of 27 island castaways, what would be your job: hut-builder, chef, caregiver, tailor, banker, other?
     I would be the laundress. I am a laundry nerd.
3. Would you like some fries with that?
     Yes, please.
4.  What's the meaning of life (in tens words or less)?
      You're asking me? I was going to ask YOU!
5.  Zip-lining in a rain forest, deep sea fishing in the Bahamas, or spelunking in Brunei?
     I have zip-lined in the Costa Rican rain forest and I would do it again and again.
6.  What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?
      Oh, I can't watch scary movies or sad movies about animals.
7.  One night of guilt-free lust, who with: Prince Charles, Steve Buscemi, Mister Ed (a talking palimino horse from a 1960's American sitcom by the same name), Portia de Rossi?
     Well, I really like Mister Ed..but lust with a horse? Ewww. I don't think so. I'll take the next best thing, Prince Charles.
8.  What's your favorite flower?
     White tulips.
9.  Do you ever dream that your teeth are falling out?
     Yes!! It's like a scary movie!
10. Which is your favourite: mice, spiders or snakes?
      Spiders. I actually really love spiders.
11.  Which way is north?
      Up where Melanie lives.
3. Choose 11 nominees....okay, I'll have to get back to you on this one because if you remember:


  1. Super interesting! It's always great to find out more quirky facts about the person behind the blog.

    Thanks for your lovely comment and compliment, I really appreciate it :-)

    Have a lovely evening xo

  2. You don't like chocolate?!! What a blessing. I'm curious about your Woody Allen dreams - hero or anti-hero? And you were a TV star? Very cool. I love all your facts. You have been one hard-working blogger attending to THREE awards!! And you deserve them all. Thank you for honouring me here too. I think I worked as a maid in a former life as well... That's why I'm so bad at housework today I argue feebly.

  3. Wow, Woody Allen dreams?! That's interesting. Then you wrote in my blog that you also used to live in Sausalito. You lived an interesting life Connie!

  4. You and my husband are similar- he has an excellent (over-developed) sense of smell and hearing. He also speaks to himself in French- to try and keep up the skills when he was studying abroad!

  5. congrats on the award! you totally deserved it! I love Woody Allen movies ;)
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. More interesting answers!!! I'm with you on the sense of smell, but mostly find it to be a curse. I love the masses of purple blooms below the comments section too. :)


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