Saturday, September 22, 2012

Little Birds

Well, I just packed my Youngest, my Son, off to College. Waaaaa...!!! And my Little Girl is already in her Senior Year at the University. Sob...!!!
We are officially empty nesters. How did this happen so fast??
This is especially monumental for me since I gave up a busy and lucrative career to say home with the kiddos. Since then I've taught a little Pilates and worked a series of low-paying, mind-numbing retail gigs in order to have more time at home making a comfy life for the family. Was is difficult? Heck yeah! Was it worth it? YES!!!!!!
So now my Little Birds are officially flying. I am soooooo sad.
 I hope that they are Strong and Brave and Kind and Happy. 
Off they go.
Even though they're pretty much all grown up, they'll aways look like this to me.


  1. Congratulations Connie! Your children are your achievement. Trust that they will be alright. Have a good weekend.

  2. Thanks, Pamela! Love you, Connie*

  3. My dear your poignant post brought tears to my eyes...

  4. Since my kids are still little, I am in the middle of it all and have done the same as you, gave up a career after I had No. 3 to be at home full-time. It's not always the easy option it might appear to be! But the job of parents is to raise happy, loved and loving individuals who are secure and confident enough to go out in the world and function as decent human beings. It sounds as though you have done that job brilliantly, Connie.
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog, and I hope your back is feeling better. xxxx

  5. Oh no!!! But well done - your chicks are strong and off flying!! What an accomplishment for you and your kids. This should leave you more time to spread your wings waaay out too, which sounds exciting from an outsider's eye. Sounds like you didn't "give up" your career so much as trade it for a more important one at the time. Let's see what happens next!!

  6. you have to be happy for her....

  7. Aw, great photos! Congratulations on raising good kids. I also hope they will be strong, brave, kind, and happy!


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