Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tied Up

This is what happens when a Compulsive Laundry Nerd gets stuck
 at Home with an injury.

First I limped to the store for some Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day.
 Mrs. Meyer and I speak the same language.
Then I methodically Washed, Folded, Bundled with a Ribbon and Labeled All of our Bed Linens.
I was in Laundry Nerd Heaven.
A lot of these will be going to AmVets, like these Sweet Winnie the Pooh Sheets.
But I'm keeping King Top Sheet for Myself!!!!
What is your Nerd Talent?????


  1. Can you come to my house and do that next?!

    That long, full row of Mrs. Meyers is wonderful. In my town I have to scout like crazy to find a full range of those products, only to be told that the store is no longer carrying the candle, the plug-ins, etc.

    My personal nerd talent is color coding the clothes in the closet and hanging them all on the same type of hanger. It just thrills my type-A brain.


  2. ooohhh. that sounds like fun. it really does.

  3. Wow, great compulsion. Like Ivy said, if I paid your transportation could you do this at my house?!! My nerd talent is piling things.

  4. You have beautiful sheets Connie. I hope you are feeling better? It is also so nice of you to donate some of your sheets so beautifully.

  5. Oh my goodness! I've never known anyone before who proclaimed themselves a laundry nerd! Let me think about if I have any nerd talents... ah. Tetris. Excel spreadsheets. And... photo organizing.

  6. When I go clothes shopping I check out the laundry instructions on the label before I even look at the price tag.

  7. So impressed! I have absolutely NO nerd talents and am in serious need of your skills. Mrs Meyer's products look good and I am a sucker for vintage photos. :-)

  8. Please don't tell me you iron all that bedding too?! I have never seen such organisation, and done so prettily too. I have NO skills in this area, not a single one. You would probably faint from horror if you set foot in my untidy, disorganised home! Hope your back is gradually improving, Connie. xxx

  9. Wow! that - i never saw ! i do not think i would have your patience, it is very pretty tough - No nerd skills here

    Have a good weekend

    Ariane xxx

    1. I have to say that it is not normal for me to be so organized! It's just that I'm stuck at home and I'm starting to crawl the walls!

  10. Connie, I left a message earlier and it doesn't seem to have posted.
    I spend my life being compulsive over folding sheet, organizing my wardrobe or my kitchen or vegetable garden, but never with so much style as your beautiful bedlinen.
    Rosy says hi! (she is still to lay her first egg)
    Little Bee sends her love to you and pancake.
    Hope your back is feeling better soon.

  11. MoFoGo! Connie, you are a genius! xxx

  12. Oh noes, an injury? I hope you feel better soon :(
    AS for all the laundry, that is awesome. I used to enjoy sorting out beads and sequins :D

  13. hahaaha.. nice one.. my nerd talent? lets see.. I dunno abt talent but I always keep in track my frnds n family's diet.. wash fruits n veggies numerous times before I eat it :P

    wud u like to follow each other? Let me know! :)

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