Monday, October 8, 2012

Moi ~ Dork

A friend who is a regular lurker on blogs recently asked me why I don't post pictures of myself and link them to one of those "old birds keeping it together" websites. Well, easy for her to say since she doesn't have a blog (though she should!)
Actually I HAVE thought of it but I'm still not so sure...

These are the reasons I don't post pictures of myself in my latest outfit:
1.  I am a minimalist with a lower case m! I have very little color in my wardrobe. In fact, most pictures of me look like they were taken in black & white.
2.  I rarely wear jewelry or even SHOES for that matter. Not very interesting...
3.  I wear pretty much the Same Thing Every Day. I can barely even remember the last time I bought something new. There would be lots & lots & lots & LOTS of repeats.
3.  I don't own a tripod and my teenaged son informed me that taking pictures of myself in front of a mirror is DORKY. (I was taking this picture in His room in front of His mirror when he informed me of this.)

So here I am.  Moi, Dork.
linen dress, bought with employee discount at Eileen Fisher from when I worked for that DEMENTED company.
jeans, Banana Republic, have had them forever
flip flops, my trusty Reefs
This was taken right before I blew out my back. As soon as I'm better and I can get dressed without wincing, I will buy a tripod and consider joining the "old birds."
And for those of you who have been posting pictures yourselves with so much Beauty and Grace, I am IN AWE of your Skills!!!!!


  1. Okay, Connie, this picture really excites me. You must join us, the old birds who have soooo much fun acting dorking. You look awesome in this minimalist style, so I hope that doesn't keep you away. Most of us started with mirrors and we add the smoke later...bwa-ha-ha. Great to see you!!! I hope your back gets better every day.

  2. Oh yes, Connie, DO join the Old Birds Club, it's a right laugh and the company is excellent! (As for keeping it together... well, not so sure about that part. It's optional.)
    I love your minimalist style, you look very chic and beautiful.
    Lots of people do the photo-in-the-mirror thing, it's fine. I used to balance my camera on the ironing board before I got a tripod. I know, very high tech. Tripods are cheap, it's worth investing - go on, be an Old Bird with us! xxxxx

  3. Go for it Connie. Would love to see more pictures of you.

  4. I love your outfit! It's simple and fresh.

  5. Ye gods, Connie, you are nowhere near the 'old birds' category.
    I was never going to have an image of myself on my blog... and look what happened! I like to get a glimpse of how people look, but some, like Steve at Urban Cottage just keep me guessing.
    Yup, I'm dorky. Do I care? Nope.

  6. You should definitely upload more photos of you ;) Love your simple look!
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  7. So lovely to put a face to the gal behind the blog ;-)
    ~ Clare x

  8. This is a cute post, and for sure post some more. I don't have very many clothes either. And they're all dark, but I do it anyway because after all the friendships I've made in here, it's highly contagious!


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