Monday, October 29, 2012

Lil Break ~ Lil Buck

Howdy Folks. I'm going to be taking a Lil Break to take care of some Stuff. I'll be Back Very Soon.
Meanwhile, here is some Lil Buck Awesomeness courtesy of Benjamin & Laurent Millepied and Bach via Nowness.

Catch ya on the flipside.



  1. What would I give to be able to move with such control, elegance and skill?
    Hope everything is OK, Connie. Take care of the stuff and take care of you and I hope you'll be back soon. xxxx

  2. Isn't he beautiful? Thanks, Curtise <3

  3. Very graceful movements, Benjamin Millepied is he the husband of Natalie Portman? I hope you are doing well. I hope you will have a very good rest. Take care.

    1. Yep, he's Natalie's husband. I think they're married? And his brother played the guitar on this video. Super talented family!

  4. This guy is magic. I especially like the soundtrack. See you when you get back!

  5. What I would do to avoid looking like a complete dork when I dance!!

    I hope you're well.


  6. Hey Connie, thank you for your concern. I am ok and it was indeed quite scary, as not knowing the area where I was, anything could happen.
    AS for Mr D, we were going to apply for a green card for me but gave up on that as it is so difficult and his job situation isn't fantastic so we decided we will wait for the 3 year cut off date of me living in England (around the end of July next year) and have him apply to come here. As we got married in NYC we thought we should get copies of our marriage certificate so we can use it for all the paperwork that is necessary for these things. I am very depressed and thinking this has no ending and that we will never be able to live together in the same country :(

  7. Anyway, hope your stuff gets sorted very soon xx

  8. wow what a talent, he really is incredible!!



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