Wednesday, November 7, 2012


via The Huffington Post


  1. Woooo Hooooo!!!!!! So happy for all you guys! Best news to wake up to this morning.

    O-BA-MA! Little Bee sang this with me repeatedly 4 years ago when she was two. We sang along this week again.

    I don't want today to become too much for you Connie but i thought you should be the first to know....Rosie layed her first egg yesterday. She is the first of four new hens to produce and it made for an eggciting morning yesterday.

  2. So happy! I'm having a drink tonight to celebrate!
    If only us Brits had showed the same common sense during our General Election. xxx

  3. Good result! Vix is right, our election result was a shambles...
    How are you doing, Connie? xxx

  4. The best choice! All the best to Obama and the USA.

  5. So much confetti I can barely see what's going on. =D

    You (LIKE) spiders? *heh*
    No I cannot believe you have never seen pretty woman. (I haven't seen it in years and after searching for pics for my blog post I think I will be re-watching it sometime this weekend.)


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