Saturday, November 17, 2012


Does this ever happen to you?

This morning I was folding shirts and I noticed a disturbing trend.
More than half of my tee shirts are striped!
What does that mean???
It is no secret that I Love Me A Stripe. You can check out my Stripe Board HERE.
But I don't know. Do you think I have a Problem??

PLEASE. Stop Me Before I Stripe Again!!!
What is YOUR Style Obsession?


  1. Ha ha ha - No, you do NOT have a problem, you just look GREAT in stripes, your BOARD is amazing!!!!

  2. LOL! I love your last photo. Your stripes are awesome - however - this is a very serious problem that can only be fixed by adding red polka dots to the mix. Good luck.

  3. Connie, you are so funny! I have to confess that in my drawer, I have a section for stripes tops. So don't feel so bad! C'est normal mon amie! Bon weekend.

    1. I feel so much better knowing that since you are a very STYLISH girl!

  4. Oh I agree with Mel, lots of stripes are fine as long as there are some spots to go with them!
    Obviously, I have no clothing obsessions. None.
    The fact that I have lost count of how many dresses I have is neither here nor there...
    And I may have a few pairs of boots...
    And maxis...
    And vintage scarves...
    No, no obsessions here!
    PS. LOVE the last pic! xxxxxxx

  5. You are getting closer to the camera!! (and you still look lovely).
    Call it a trend, call it an obsession, its simply something that works for you that you hadn't quite noticed properly before.
    I see you speak a little Francais, If the red polka dots don't work for you, why not sling a string of onions round your neck, might even work with your masher ;) just take off the sunnies.

  6. My dear I can SO relate!!! Just this morning I was thinking I need a stripe intervention.. ... for as much as love each of them now... there may come a day, I don't ... and What Will I Wear!!! Thank you so much for letting me know... I am not alone :)

  7. Loving that last picture and there's nothing wrong with a few obsessions....bastard jewellery, psychedelic prints and blue nail polish to name but a few! x

  8. Love to see you again - like Vix love that last pic
    We all have an obsession i think, i like religious items - sparkly, always to get the right nail polish, hair color forever changing my hair color, so don't worry about your stripes!


  9. *lol* It's okay stripes are nice. I have been noticing I have a small but growing collection myself. I tried to get the other half into striped shorts this summer but he wasn't too keen on them.

  10. I love stripes! I have quite a few breton tops myself, but I must say not as many as you!!!

    Lovely post, I love your eye for the fine details of life.

  11. You look good in stripes so it is okay! :)

  12. I have an issue with buying to much leopard print ;)

  13. Hah! That looks like my closet. :-)


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