Monday, November 26, 2012

The Waltz of the Snowflakes

It is no secret that I am Nuts about Dance.
This Time of Year is Especially Exciting for me because it is Nutcracker Season.
 The Nutcracker is a Ballet that even a non-ballet lover can probably enjoy.
I Love It because it contains the Dance that I Love Most in the World:
I'm just Crazy about this Dance!
This year I am featuring the Waltz of the Snowflakes from Mark Morris' version of the Nutcracker "The Hard Nut"
Mark Morris is one of my Favorite Choreographers. I think He Is Brilliant. I saw him in person earlier this year and my heart skipped a beat. It really did!
If you ever get a chance to see The Hard Nut you really should. There is so much in this Ballet to Love, from the 1960's cocktail party at the beginning to this:
 The Waltz of the Snowflakes. Click right there to watch.

P.S.    Even if Ballet is Not Your Thing you might still want to watch this. Just Keep in Mind that half of the Tutu Wearers are MEN.


  1. I saw your post title and thought, "What? Snowflakes in So. Calif.?!"

    The ballet is not usually my thing, but I do enjoy the Nutcracker on occasion. I hope your Christmas is very happy!

    Thanks for your visit. I have my fingers crossed that I have something wonderful to show by way of my new painting in a few weeks!


  2. Now that IS lovely, watched some of it with my youngest this morning, who was most confused and amused by the men in tutus! Have you ever seen Matthew Bourne's version of Swan Lake? I know nothing about dance or ballet, but I did go to see that and it was spectacular.
    Are you/were you a dancer, Connie? Sorry, that sounded a bit McCarthy-ish, are you now or have you at any time been a member of a dance group?! Just curious! xxx

    1. Yeah, I danced a little. A very little. I'm pretty certain that a lot of those male ballerinos were thrilled to be on pointe.

  3. Ballet's not my thing either, but I loved the cocktail party in the vid! x

  4. Thanks for introducing me to this! I just watched most of the mini documentary on Mark Morris and The Hard Nut - wow. What an excellent ballet. I love your opening photo. Makes sense, snowflakes are not male or female, although I don't think any scientist has lifted their skirts, or tutus, oh, this is just too confusing...

    1. I'm so impressed that you actually watched the documentary! Good old Melanie!

  5. Thos men in tutus were so graceful and quite hilarious! I love ballet too.especially The Nutcracker is one of my favourite ballets.

  6. I think ballet looks beautiful but I dont think its easy to dance he he:) that movie with Natalie Portman as a ballerina was scary.

    have a great day dear

    LOVE M

  7. Love ballet been ages since i when to ballet!
    I will try to be a smart as Melanie and watch the documentary
    Sound interesting

  8. I am not a big ballet fan but I still love the video! Thanks for sharing!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  9. I love the Nutcracker! Alas it is not playing in Paris this year so I am a bit disappointed with it. But no matter, Swan Lake is on - and I always watch either the Nutcracker or Swan Lake during this season.

    Am a big fan of ballet so loved your post :)



  10. I don't have your email address, Connie, so I have popped back to say - YOU WENT TO STUDIO 54?!
    Sorry to yell, but it's very exciting! I love your moulting fur story, I am imagining you doing the Hustle while the fur drifts around you, leaving you to shimmy up against Mikhail Baryshnikov in nothing but your gold lame scanties. Please tell me that's what happened! I think you are a dark horse, who has all sorts of wild stories hidden away in her past - tell, tell! xxxxx

  11. Very cute. I wore a tutu on my blog last month and found it exhilarating.

  12. I love ballet and the fact that something so physically hard can be made to look so beautiful and graceful. Will have to watch that clip now ;-) Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Hope you're having a good week xo

  13. Dancing is great. I love dancing but I am as graceful as a hippo. For that reason I marvel at people who can dance gracefully and move like they are as light as a feather.

    Much love to you


    I am now at


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